BBC Banning British Culture! (4k)

Well, there’s a new three-letter abbreviation for you – BBC, Banning British Culture!

According to Lord Hall, the outgoing BBC director-general, the BBC will be needed to take Britain out into the world and to combat damaging fake news going forward.

Lord Hall, who is due to be replaced by Tim Davie next month, made the opening address at the Edinburgh TV Festival this morning where he said that the BBC’s role is to assist with protecting the UK’s ‘democratic integrity’.

As well as:

“Public service broadcasters – and the BBC in particular – have always been part of the glue that binds our nations and communities together.”


“The forces of disinformation and social media tend to feed on fracture and drive polarisation… What we do, as a public service broadcaster, is a force in the opposite direction.”

Well it isn’t fake news that the over 75s have been hit with a new unexpected annual bill of over 150 quid to keep it going, is it?

But he still wants more, in his speech he’s also be asked for more taxpayers’ money to take the BBC message out into the post-Brexit world.

He said that the BBC now has a global audience of 465 million a week but that it should be driven up to 500 million.

But will the BBC portray Britain as it is? Or just the BBC version of it? Or more accurately, how the BBC would like it to look?

Oh, and fake news also includes omissions – like the non-reporting of Yellow Vest events in Paris – or the damage being currently wrought in Democratic Party held parts of the US.

And when addressing the world on our behalf, will the BBC be talking about a forward-looking post-Brexit industrial nation with goods, services and skills to sell? As well as heaps of national pride and get-up and go?

Or will it be talking about progressiveness, inclusiveness and constantly apologising for all our past transgressions from millennia ago?

While hinting that Brexit was a mistake at every opportunity?

I’ll leave you to decide that for yourselves.

But, of course we need the BBC after Brexit.

How else will be able to get our left-wing indoctrination piped straight into our homes?

How else will europhiles be able to tell the masses that we must rejoin the EU?

How else will our children be programmed into becoming card-carrying Marxists?

The BBC promoting the voice and values of the ordinary people of Britain?

Well …. that would be a first for them!

I am sure the elderly will be cheering in agreement that the BBC will represent them and their values …. not!

And we can, of course, all breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that the BBC will be impartial over any campaign to re-enter the EU.

But, what a way to start all this so-called BBC backs Britain stuff, to find out that it wants to drop certain well-known pieces of music from the Last Night at the Proms.

Yes, they’re talking about air-brushing ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ as well as ‘Rule Britannia’ from the programme.

It’s all too ‘nationalist’ it seems.

What next – the National Anthem? The Queen’s Christmas Address?

The BBC should now officially change its name to ‘Banning British Culture’ or Ban British Culture’!

This is obviously the way that the BBC intends to publicise our nation and its people into the future.

To portray it as a country that detests its own history and treats the heroes that built it with disdain.

It looks to me like the BBC is the last body on earth that we would want transmitting its view of the UK out into the world.

All funded by licence fee payers, I would add.

If the BBC can’t accept and celebrate our British history as well as be a bit ‘nationalist’, then it has no right broadcasting its views – sanitised of all pro-British content – out to the rest of the world claiming they are the nation’s views, all at our expense.




Written by Jeff Taylor

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  1. On the Last Night of the Proms someone should organise a protest outside of the Albert Hall handing out leaflets containing the words of Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia, Jerusalem and the Queen. The audience should should watch the event on their mobile phones and join in regardless.

  2. what you are describing is common across all nations of western civilization, namely it is marxism- aka cultural-maxism. In USA our mainstream media is pure unadulterated anti-freedom anti-American , and in service of the destruction of America in every respect. Marxism for the erasing of all truth like history, and replacing by lies – a false narrative to enable and justify their destruction. The media , an honest and objective one, free press pursuing truth facts, and informing the citizenry is crucial to the functioning and service of a free society . What have now is straight marxist propaganda in service of ushering in tyrannical oppressive dictators.

  3. UK is a Kleptocracy :- a government whose corrupt leaders use political
    power to appropriate the wealth of their nation, typically by embezzling
    or misappropriating government funds at the expense of the wider

  4. BBC – very well named. Disgusting anti patriotic nonsense. BRITANNIA DOES RULE THE WAVES. At least around the British Economic Zone. Trafalgar all over again; impound as many French fishing boats as possible.

  5. Many posts here advocate defunding the BBC, mostly through cancelling their TV licence, but the BBC will get funding from any number of globalist backers and those still tuning in will be like lambs to the slaughter. There needs to be a more dynamic way of dealing with this problem – any ideas?

  6. U.K. PM £158000
    USA President £303000
    German Chancellor £313000
    Russian President £103000
    French President £162000
    Australian PM £286000
    NZ PM £236000
    Canadian PM £200000

    Combined leader’s populous:-

    Total: 750 million people.

    Combined leaders salaries, without benefits and expenses:-

    Total: £1.76 million.

    Gary Lineker:-

    Presents sports on the BBC.

    Salary:- £1.75 million.

    Defund the BBC.

  7. Its OUR BBC, so why are they destroying what is OURS? See what happens when the loony left take over – unwatchable PC SNOWFLAKE UTTER UTTER GARBAGE.

  8. It seems the BBC, is trying to take more power than our government, they seem more political than ever, do u want another dead in the water party to join the rest. Then if no …defund the BBC.

  9. Rule brittannia the BBC is on its way the English people will never again pay keep your programmes your racist bigotry too I would rather watch paint dry than put up with watching you