BBC Collaborates with Facebook to Purge Vaccine-Injured Groups Online

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A major media member of the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) has warned a primary tech member about vaccine injury groups gaming the system to avoid algorithm detection and thus scrutiny. In what could be described as a dangerous move, the BBC collaborates with Facebook to shut down vaccine injury support groups by universally referring to them as “anti-vaccine” or “anti-vaxxers” and calling out the ways that they use carrot emojis to hide from Facebook their true identity.

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  1. The BBC and Facebook are two branches of the "criminal" triad of government, big tech, and corporate media. They work together to help companies and the elites get more money by promoting views and policies of the government, but only if it is a Leftist government. They all do their part to benefit one another.
    Any opposition or information injurious to their cozy relationship will be suppressed.

  2. I put a comment up on Factcheck discussing the taboo subject, but I had to use a car tyre analogy, I don't think anyone understood it. It's one thing to be shut down because nobody believes a word you say, it's quit another to be censored in a 'free and democratic country'. If anyone reading want's to gain a floating voter then propose a solution to this shit.

  3. We are in the grips of $cientology/ Branch Covidian Dark Ages with its leading members being Bill Gates, Dr fauci & members of The Who .. it's sad & disgusting & like the power of the Catholic Church back in history devastating to the people, but the truth will always out…

  4. I wasn't injured by the CV jab, but I was injured by hepatitis b jab. That was the last jab I'll ever take. After stopping tetanus jab, I got my period back and it's the first time in my life I've had it regularly! I rarely get sickness and when I do, very mild. I'll never take a jab again.

  5. Thank you so much for continuing to cover this important issue. Im a former athlete in the prime of my life. Never had any significant health issues that kept me sidelined for more than a few days. I did the Spartan race in 2019 at elevation, no issues at all, even went for drinks after to celebrate. I got the first dose of Pfizer vaccine in April of 2021. I was hospitalized twice and never recovered. After 19 months I cannot tolerate even 15 minutes of exercise. Heart, neurological, hearing and metabolic issues. I’m improving slowly and HBOT therapy (paid out of pocket) was a game changer. Getting the vaccine was the biggest mistake of my life.

  6. In aviation we encourage whistleblowers with safety concerns.

    In the supposedly scientific medical paradigm they shut down the discussion instead.

    Hence the terrible track record of modern healthcare..

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