BBC in Chaos: 700,000 People STOP PAYING LICENCE 2020 – 2021!!

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Written by HeelvsBabyface


  1. Live streaming (online and broadcast) services are liable to a Licence fee!!! so careful what u say to them. pre-recorded and dvd's are not.
    I'm not paying, never will. my excuse – (no tv, no home, naff all worth paying for anyway). I would never pay or even watch Talentless wokey trash tv(of any channel). (the BBC does do adverts – for other BBC programs/channels).
    Just wait they will follow the German Media licencing model, pay to listen to car radio and also for TV/SAT/Mobile/Internet.

  2. We are at war wit China and the left.
    china has subverted everything.
    stock market manipulation.
    USA has lost billions (luckin coffee,didi nikola motors) china is robbing usa blind.
    threathening all countries in south east asia.
    Border war with India.
    Stealing fish around the world.

  3. In the US, if you don't want TV then….you just don't buy a TV and you go outside and plant veggies and milk cows. It's pretty awesome.

  4. Here in the States I cut the cord about 6 years ago when my cable reached $180 dollars a month and I had zero premium channels. We get the BBC through Pluto TV and the BBC APP, and old Dr. Who and Midsomer Murders are the only shows I like to watch. I don’t subscribe to BBC app because I can get the two shows I like for free on Pluto TV. In the States Broadcast TV has go down hill as well, I can barely tolerate watching the news any more. I think they doing some sort of mental experiment to see if they can cause people to revolute. (Maybe they want us to cull the herd, by killing each other.) The trouble with cord cutting is, they take as a sign of weakness instead of a protest. I think that is Donald Trump got elected President. Ordinary he would have been seen as the fascist neo-NAZI that he is, but because most of us were watching Netflix instead of the news, we voted the party line. I know I did think the party knew what kind man was, but I think their greed got the best of them. I think the Forth Rite is just waiting for to start a revolution then they will step in and bring order.

  5. You made my day. I just cut my cable TV because I cannot watch shows that are constantly preaching to me and news that are partisan and not objective.

  6. People can watch stuff for free on their smart phone or use a digital projector to see a larger picture on the wall or screen and bypass the tv license which is a dumb idea.

  7. Wait until your government does like our Communist government did. They put a law in place to gather the licence fee through your tax! There is no way to not pay it now!

    Only reason for BBC and other state-like TV channels are for you to get important information regarding your nation and internationally. Now you can't get it through BBC or other like it in other countries. It is not for your entertainment! =)

  8. I wonder how many people are watching their I players through a VPN worldwide. Vpns are far more common these days, and it would not surprise me if the reason why the views are going up on iPlayer isn't because of British citizens, but those coming in from outside the country.

  9. same as in germany. you have to pay fees for oublic television by law regardless if you are using it or not. this is supposed to keep those tv channels political NEUTRAL and help funding cultured related and educational projects. Preventing political propaganda etc. You know, cause of hitler past n stuff. Which is important imo.
    But is doesnt stay neutral, there is more and more Woke Bullshit shoved into your face. It is not neutral.

  10. I am planning to get rid of tv when getting a new deal very soon, so won't need a tv licence any more. So here comes another one. BBC is crap and has been for a long time. After not watching for a couple of years, what am I paying for. Woke shite.

  11. We're scum for not wanting their woke/bame propaganda. Almost nothing they produce has any relevance to me as a straight white male. So screw the BBC.

  12. Must want they're FREEDOM fr all
    the woke politics
    and woke presenters
    and woke woke woke
    problem after problem drawing real fans