BBC Invites Epstein Lawyer As Maxwell Trial Neutral Expert | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar review the results of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and how the media has covered it up to this point with a particularly bad choice of analyst by BBC

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  1. The US wanted to keep their blackmail material secret and so they have. This trial had to happen with so much public, but the important material remains under the control of the US government. Conspiracy out in the open and nothing will be done about it.

  2. Of course it makes no rational sense that the BBC would bring on Dershowitz who is part of the whole scandal himself. I imagine the British Monarchy pressured the BBC to allow this, especially since Dershowitz said the girl involved was not a credible witness and thus he and Prince Andrew are off the hook. I remember when Dershowitz was trying to escape his involvement with Epstein and the underage girls. He said he had kept his underpants on during the massage. Further, he said the masseuse was an old Russian woman named Olga. Then, shaking his head in disappointment, he said that the massage was really not very good. He's going to escape any punishment. Such is the world we live in. And the beat goes on….

  3. The masses only care about online social approval, video games, movies, porn, music, alcohol, weed, or any number of pacification tools used against them to get through the day. Nothing can be done at this point.

  4. Glad BBC is getting some exposure for the rag that it is. Most of us knew it was propaganda trash over 10 years ago. Look at their corbyn coverage. They belong in jail with msdnc cnn etc

  5. To have "justice" stop here would be INCREDIBLY FRAUDULENT. Epstein and Maxwell ran a PEDOPHILIA RING. We KNOW that there were many people who had EXTENSIVE involvement with this pedophilia ring, including Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Prince Andrew.

  6. The "ending" of the criminal case against the two guards demonstrates the likelihood that they were instructed to falsify records. The levels of CORRUPTION IS UNBELIEVABLE!

  7. The thing that seems to be overlooked is that this was a Mossad honey trap. It's a spy operation and if you think that didn't have a plan in place in case of discovery , think again. You can bet the elite's talked out of school at Epistemics parlor, and every word straight back to Israel. Maxwell's father was a terrorist's and Mossad member.

  8. Remember, Police Violence and White Supremacy are the only existential crisis worth any kind of screen time or social unrest. The ROT, now, cmon. Don't be an Alex Jones Negative Nancy.

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