BBC Is Doomed Admits Dr Who Writer

The acclaimed screenwriter Russell T Davies has said TV drama is enjoying a golden age but claimed the BBC is heading for oblivion.

Davies, who is behind hits such as the revived Doctor Who, Queer as Folk, Years and Years and Channel 4’s It’s a Sin, suggested that UK broadcasters, under threat from US streaming giants such as Netflix, were in a perilous position.

Davies made his comments when the podcast presenter Gaby Roslin asked him how he felt about being credited with saving television from extinction, thanks to the success of his TV shows. He said the BBC, which has screened several, was heading for extinction “right now in front of us”, but said we were experiencing a “golden age for drama”.

“The amount of author-owned, personal drama pieces that are being broadcast is 10 times the number than in the 60s,” he said.

“People say Play for Today was the height of television. We’re getting series like that every week now, not quite every week, but it’s in a glorious state.”

“The state of the broadcasters is not so magnificent … I’ve given up fighting” for it.



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Written by Andre Walker


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  2. Of course it will not exist in its present form the village idiot could tell you that. No media company in the world gets funded by the public other than in dictatorships which makes one wonder what kind of hold does the B.B.C. have over our governments.

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  7. I think you need to live outside of London to see the decadence of the BBC. If the licence was regarded as a investment by ordinary people in broadcasting the BBC would have to reflect the whole population. Too often the BBC produces programmes for London tastes in the knowledge that the rest of the country will pay for it. Meanwhile regional news is too often a search for shocking or terrible or sad local events that represents their regions as a dystopia. I think the BBC is competing with too many other types of media and should provide an appreciable respite from tabloid T.V.. Perhaps some days could be funded by advertising and provide cheap T.V. and radio while on other days of the week the licence could be targeted at drama, investigative journalism and innovation.

  8. That's what you get for being woke. Lose the social justice agenda on Doctor Who. Go back to what it's really about. Get woke, lose viewers. Poetic justice, I think.

  9. It used to be relatively commonplace to hear people say "It's a free country, I'll say what I like". It's rather a long time now since I heard that sentiment being uttered.

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