BBC Whitewashes NEO-NAZ|S in Ukraine

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About Richard Medhurst: #RichardMedhurst is an independent journalist and commentator. Regular live streams and interviews with popular guests from the Left such as Glenn Greenwald, Mike Figueredo (Humanist Report) and Max Blumenthal (Grayzone). Fluent in English, Arabic, French, German, and having grown up across several continents, Medhurst’s show aims to provide a critical analysis of electoral politics and international affairs from an anti-imperialist viewpoint.

Written by Richard Medhurst


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  1. Local people saying that Azov put explosives and blasted theater in Mariupol.
    Also, if there were civilians in maternity hospital, there would be crazy pictures of killed people.
    There was nothing like that. It looks like a fake. There have been too many fakes from Ukrainian government.

  2. BBC is a lying disgusting organization,absolutely the worst in the UK,they are acting like Lord Haw,Haw in WWII Germany the propaganda ministry of Dr.Goebels, Nazi minister of Propaganda,i suggest anyone watching the news from this organization be prepared for the truth about them soon one day.

  3. Zelenskyy got 73% of the vote because he promised peace with Russia and ran as an anti-oligarch candidate while his campaign was funded by oligarchs and after election he was a puppet for the oligarchs and their nazi enforcers.

  4. Richard, don't expect anything better, it BBC / England / America / NATO / European Union propaganda machine spewing such lies by unconscionable reporter who gets a joy being hypocritical then pretends to be a good person because of his celebrity status granted.

  5. Вау! Как они нагло врут!!! Невероятно! Украинская армия прикрывается мирным населением, тысячи людей погибло от нацистов на Украине за эти 8 лет! А когда в Донецк прилетела "Точка У" в феврале, погибло 24 человека, и кадры с этой трагедии представили, будто это Россия сделала! Это ужас какой-то! Что они творят вообще?! Посмотрите Patrick Lancaster, он освещает события на Донбасе уже много лет.

  6. the big declaration about what BBC does, for british people, is that, you are on the hands of a fascist regime. And you never knew, or you were ok with that… its the end of the days of lies

  7. I live in London UK and I would not trust the BBC news one bit .Its like its an arm of the intellagence service . Thats when I can i tune into the likes of yourself and george galloway to get a idea whats going on

  8. Thanks for this but why doesn't Richard ever talk about the role of the Swiss in supporting the Nazis and Daech. We have a state run media that makes the BBC look liberal. Richard speaks both French and German and so could easily raise the curtain on the puppet masters. He even purposedly didn't show the whole of the Assad speech since it was very incriminating for the Swiss financial system. He joins the ranks of the Greyzone and George Galloway in keeping the truth about the Swiss quiet. Controlled opposition. You hate British and Americans so much but can't focus on the real evil.

  9. I guess the next thing they wanna claim is because the majority of US voted for Obama and the fact he is black means there is no racism in America 👍

    Also couple yrs ago loads of western media was reporting on Neo Nazis in Ukraine and it being a threatening and alarming trend; but now all of a sudden they screw they faces at putting as he’s a lunatic who raises the same issue they were raising couple yrs ago 🤦‍♀️

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