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  1. Get ready yall, the border is wide open and they are saying no terrorist attacks will happen in America again they are lying thru there evil mouth, pisses me off to no end!!???

  2. Odds are the taliban will be uncensored because they are the current government of Afghanistan atm before it falls apart.

  3. The Taliban give the USA not only a big piece of humble pie, they also give smart answers. By the way, in the long run, the US will be not only better off NOT fighting them but knowing that their existence is a way bigger threat to certain other countries.

  4. There will come a time when news anchors will be held accountable for their words and actions. That’s how life works. You can’t live in America and reap all the benefits of living in this amazing country while simultaneously telling everyone how awful and unfair it is… calumny is serious and it will catch up with them.

  5. Wasn't Bergdahl captured, then he willingly converted to Islam, betraying his country. Is this the swap Obama thought of as being a fair switch? Horrible deal.

  6. Mark Dice I found out how they are legally keeping those people in jail from January 6th. They are given a court date and sometimes a dat before the court date the protestors are moved and due to Cov they must be isolated for 14 days and tgen are given a new court date. They literally are just shufflibg them around to quarinatine and keep them from a judge