Begun, The Comic Film Crash Has – A Rant

Well, you had a good run.
But a cow can only chew the same cud for so long before it heads off to the baseball glove factory.

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Written by The Rageaholic

The Excellence of Elocution


  1. I’m not even a comic person….but looking at the MCU, I wondered if it was going to have to be rebooted because it seemed set (mainly) in the “present”.

  2. the problem is that rather than just peppering them evenly you get bombarded with non stop movies in the same genre. of course people are going to get bored, that doesnt mean its dead forever. its a bit like how game companies randomly decide what will and wont sell. they never seem to learn, they just keep up this endless cycle of wearing something down into oblivion.

  3. You know it’s gonna be a rough one when you can TASTE the rage. Razor’s video was emanating vitriol and malice so thick it gives me flashbacks to Naraku’s miasma from Inuyasha

  4. I can't help but feel that if the movies were better, the fad would have been stronger. Maybe that's the point, that movies like Doctor Strange had to be terrible because a mere superhero movie was no longer enough by then, but it seems like movies based on better comics consistently did better and this principle was getting consistently ignored, resulting in weird things like a Doctor Strange movie that is ambivalent about whether magic is real.

  5. This is the reason i'm glad kaiju movies tend to be "popular" but well under the radar comparatively. godzilla got done right on time to avoid the remake fever and the social justice shitfest.

    Loved seeing the Marvel universes growth, but we all know the fate of those that fly too close to the sun.

  6. Thank Christ it's dying! It was fun while lasted and good. Enough of the mediocrity and cultural stagnation. ALso, last thing we need is more woke trash destroying escapism.

  7. You used film noir as an example for some of your phases but can you give us some examples from its deconstruction phase? Best I can think is The Long Goodbye but it was played pretty straight or maybe Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid but.rhat was more of just a parody.

  8. This genre was never exactly the height of artistry, but they've become outright insulting to the audience's intelligence at this point. They grind action sequences to a halt so characters can spend interminable minutes exchanging quips and zingers. They interrupt what are supposed to be legitimate dramatic moments for fart jokes. They had little respect for he audience to begin with, and now that lack of respect seems to have morphed into outright contempt. To the point that they may as well just forgo the movie and have Kevin Feige come out and spend twenty minutes insulting the audience directly. Cut… print… roll credits… see you next month, consumption unit 3302-25.

  9. Oh my god was that clip toward the end (no not the BW gag) actually part of the actual movie? Power Rangers had better effects. I'm DYING OF CRINGE

  10. Not a superhero project, but does anyone else feel Dizneee will make the final insult by remaking the original Star Wars?

    Also, would love to hear more from razor about westerns. Or even commentary tracks.

  11. With all the time manipulating in the disney series the remakes are definatly coming, they will redo all the previous ones but use all the woke versions from the comics. These movies wont make much but they will recive the garunteed woke bucks lok