Beijing Biden Approval CRATERS Again (Let’s Go Brandon!)

And the reality is hyperinflation, low job growth, diplomatic idiocy, and a president in name only with growing cognitive issues:


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  1. The left aren't teaching crt in schools. But the things they are teaching are obviously derived from crt. This is what subversives do, they take something no parent would want their kids being taught and change it around just enough to have plausible deniability.

  2. The organic switch to "Let's Go Brandon" in mere hours/days of its first utterance says something about trends. The great unwashed can be both comical and serious at the same time. This is good because one thing anyone, especially elitist totalitarians, hate most is being made fun of.

  3. Look guys your seeing what your tin foilers have been talking about for decades now , when are your Gunnar see it and stop fuckin around with these yaboos, this is America damn it we don't fail at economies and growth we Excell in these things , and where does the policy buck stop , that's right Joe Biden admin and the Congress taboos that are not doing thier jobs and running this country, our government hasn't functioned properly since 2015 fools wake up!!!!

  4. our country suuuuuuure has started looking different since Biden took office… and by that i mean.. I never thought I'd see our economy put directly into the toilet so intentionally… it's so clear that they're paying people not to work and killing smaller business (in other words, trying to kill human innovation and survival!)

  5. You all ignored poll workers and who ran them. Most city employees and vote counters were democrats. PS. Trump did a horrible job with dividing the nation over covid/wearing masks,ppe, had nothing to do with vaccines Pfizer had the vax technology already in fact the CEO refused to get a $1 from Trump, until it was made on their won. Trump Also lost the Trade War with China, and gave away too much Tax to his rich buddies, created a $6 $Trillion deficit. Trump was a Disastrous president .His family and friends made money of his presidency.. Republicans will lose again if they don't get with the program of epidemic control. Anti mask/Anti Vaccine=Loss

  6. How much more do we have to wait before he realizes no one likes him and he needs to go?? Why won't he resign already? I'm pretty sure he already agreed to the plan that he would be the puppet to get this corrupt admin in, and then step down after some time anyway and blame it on a disease just like he said he would do under Obama, yet we all know they got Harris in there as the trojan horse.

  7. Sunday Morning News shows spent their entire programs bashing Trump, Trying to connect Trump with criminal activity and trying to over throw America political system. Trumps is not even in office and they can't stop talking about him . He is still relevent. MSM is scare to death that Trump will run in 2024. They are doing whatever they can to tear him down.

  8. Imagine attending a school board meeting and trying to vote school board member out of office is now considered a domestic terrorist act by the Left. The City Counsel of Austin Texas use to try and hold secrete meetings in out of the way places away from public or at really odd hours like 2 am every time they wanted to pass one of their Socialist programs. They were caught several times and fined for violating the Open Meeting Act in Texas. This is how the Left rule. Think about it the next time you vote Democrat.

  9. They don't care, man. 5% of the world will be fired or made to be the untermench. The rest of the world will either rejoice in the slaughter, or stay PERFECTLY SILENT while it happens.

    People are already dying and no one is doing a thing to stop it, far as I can tell. Biden could have a 0% approval, and he could literally commit a capitol crime live on air and nothing would change.

  10. If you didn't believe in the Globalist agenda prior to the virtual "election " of Bo Jiden and you still don't , well . . . . . . . We , the proles are REALLY FKD !

  11. Speaking of CRATERS… Did you see Vice President Harris's latest lecture to a bunch of kids touring a small observatory? Apparently CRATERS are something magical and it took a lot of really smart people to invent something that allows us to see the sun and the moon.

  12. Styx you didn't factor in the Kamala angle in your commentary. They are allowing the disapproval numbers to leak out so they can put Kamala in place when they invoke the 25th. I'm not saying Kamala will be so great nor will she be better than Biden. I just think that's who they really want on office. It will be a huge disaster if she becomes POTUS but that is why I think they are allowing these polls to be presented to the public.

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