Beijing Biden Did a Wittle Oopsie Woopsie in Afghanistan, Centcom Confirms



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  1. Since it was obviously PLANNED which now we can clearly see, I think stop saying “ KILLED “ and instead say “ MURDERED “


    Rules of Engagement comes to mind
    War crimes comes to mind
    Military Tribunals come to mind

    I’m simply suggesting that if the media likes to use its narrative wordplay, we need to at every available opportunity to apply the correct verbiage in our rebuttal to the Legacy Media agenda.

    Fight back against them using their own method, but with unobscured language that speaks the truth,…..if we’re going to “ Win over “
    normies we have to be clear and accurate.

  2. Here's exactly what happened. Either ISIS or the Taliban have a plant as a trusted source working as a double agent. The double agent knew that this target was an aide worker and then told the drone operator that it was instead one of the ISIS-K terrorists. These people are laughing at us. I don't blame them because Beijing Biden is a joke

  3. As a former intelligence officer, I’m pretty sure one of two things happened:
    1.) The brass demanded a target and droned the family because they were the first opportunity.
    2.) The Taliban had a spy the US was running under their thumb, and they used that spy to feed bad intel to the US.

    Both options are terrible. I’m ashamed for my former profession.

  4. So, yet again Resident Biden is carrying water for the Taliban, ISIS, and Al Qaeda as he murders an American aid worker and 7 children who were literally carrying water for desperate people who were thirsty and starving!!! And why in the world did Democrats start calling ISIS this new name of ISIS-k? Are we supposed to put them in a bowl sprinkle sugar over them and add milk? Will Democrats start using Tony The Tiger as a mascot for the Taliban? Will the uniforms of terrorists now have Kelloggs logos all over them like a NASCAR uniform? What is this new word game the DNC media is using when talking about the turds in Afghanistan?!?!?! If President Trump had done this there would be over 70 different members of Congress walking over 30 different articles of impeachment across the street 5 minutes later!!! Biden should be hanged in The Hague as a war criminal and so should ALL of his partners in this evil crime!!!

  5. Trump issues drone strike:
    lots of anger, impeachment claims, world war 3 memes and fear of draft.
    results: gets rid of a piece of shit and makes us look competent and strong and the rest of the world takes note.

    Biden issues drone strike:
    kills 10 allies in an area we withdrew from.
    results: crickets and one big OOPS.

  6. Generals are smarter than presidents and they love this shit. Don't blame the president blame the fucking warmongers whatever that word means.. if you're top brass and policy confirms that your factions function funding relies on continuous bullshit that the people don't even know about nd can't vote on then that's how we still continue to operate this fucking bullshit kill terrorist shit when in reality and especially in my opinion they (the "terrorists")are just religious freaks who let history and the so called interpretation of it dictate their personal present lives. I'm fucking sick of this bullshit.

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