Beijing Biden Moves to Spy On Everyones’ Bank Accounts Using Tax Evasion as an Excuse

Odd since his proposed IRS expansion supposedly will not affect those making under the magical 400K a year:


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  1. “C’mon man, I’m just trying to find out how much tax money you’re going to have to give to the government. Afterwards, I’ll take you out behind the tool shed and challenge you to a push-up contest, then we can get ice cream fat.”

  2. Joe Biden and his entire Administration are traitors against the American Constitution and the great people of this nation! They all deserve a traitor's fate and should all hang for their crimes!

  3. So if they can look at it how long will it be before they can take money out without permission? They do it in the UK, if you are fined for something the government just goes into your account and takes it.

  4. 4A is, indeed, the constitutional right that Big B's team is promoting. Let's get this straight. The HUGE IRS can't do their job in catching those who are dishonest, and they want to make the American people pay for it? FO, IRS. Like you, Styx, I pay my quarterly taxes, take NO deduction or write offs, precisely because I don't want to mess with this drivel.

  5. So in other words one more (huge) step towards digitization of all transactions so that the government not only knows every transaction you make… But the government can now:
    1) tax garage/yard sales and flea markets by mandating some other probable heavy regulations making trade transactions nigh on impossible without involving currency of some form or other, some metric to measure and register the transaction for records of both state taxes and IRS, and let's not forget vaccine passports for interstate travel and commerce

    2) retaliate and harass you more directly for wrong think with audits, inspections for violations of health codes and whatever peripheral ordinances happen to be there in addition to state and federal laws, and of course to ensure government agencies get their piece of your pie. They can jerk you around about business licensing. They can make it hard for you to work as an independent contractor, maybe even demand you be unionized and demand you hire people on a number of different (arbitrary) criteria. All by design to put you out of business if you're not part of the privileged caste.

    It's the onerous terms foreshadowing how you will be put on an ever-growing treadmill of debt and the only outcomes are either prison, death, or you take their bailout agreement which makes it illegal for you to ever own anything again and you have no say about where you live, travel, sleep, eat, your body and choice of what you do with it, or even the danger of your occupation.

  6. Who in their right mind thinks this is a good thing? Pretty much every. Single. Time. that the federal government expands its powers it never reaches the upper class or powerful people of means. I guarantee you this will just be another tool that the government will use to press its heel down further on the neck of regular people

  7. There is gender identity nonsense shoved in that bill, too. Hope the Senate strips that out because I doubt most people regard a power grab from the gender fanatics as a legitimate infrastructure item.

  8. Another example of the treason by the traitor in the WH hiding in plain site in the disguise of an old dithering fool. All the while when off camera, executing all these new world order globalist things, that no one is raging against because they excuse it because of the show before their lying eyes of the old fool. Afghanistan was no tactical mistake, it was a deliberate transfer of USA power to an old enemy to rebuild an old threat and destroy American honour, executed flawlessly, with the aid of the media and like minded folk that some how think the ends justify the means. I hope they don't suffer under is yoke, but turnabout is fair play, as they say. and to the sheeple that see it for what it is yet refuse to take the red pill, what of you, you could at least say something, I know you're out there watching the r@pe happen the videos are everywhere! When the Dems weaponized the IRS the first time, nothing was the punishment, no criminal prosecutions. Had it been the Reps. you know there would have been conviction, they convict for thought crimes! And while the Conservatives bark about loving law so much, never seem to charge anyone with it for wanting to "appear" evenhanded or some BS. That's not evenhanded and the next official to say it will get my vote of non-confidence their next election if not sooner!

    But I ain't one to gossip… .

  9. You're forgetting about FATCA. This was the start of it. FBAR also. If you are an American living and working overseas you were screwed decades ago because you have an account overseas. It is frankly none of the government's business not only how much money I have in my account in the US, but definitely not in my overseas accounts! These political idiots have no idea the amount of paperwork and cost associated with those insane laws. And Warren is a huge problem for Americans overseas. The fact that the US refuses to sign CRS just makes the US the biggest tax haven in the world. The overstepping and hypocrisy are unreal! And you are right, the rich will never be effected by any of this, those people are able to pay their way out and are 10 steps ahead of the government.

  10. The Tea Party I belonged to was attacked by Obamas IRS in 2012 and unable to fundraise as a result. This won't be used JUST for income tax reasons.
    This will be used to see who is donating to opposition political candidates and organizations. That information will be weaponized and leaked and all the other shenanigans they do.

  11. Not only that ,,,, He’s looking to cut social security.. How many people out there went to work in the 60’s and was told “ You Have “ to pay in . This is your retirement!, Woops! No , we are going to screw you over to….

  12. "Don't you think this could be misused?" No. I know that it WILL be misused. Whenever an authority is granted it is only a matter of time before it is opportunistically employed by someone to accomplish some end for which the authority was not (theoretically) intended. Why? Because that someone CAN.

  13. he gave terrorists over 80 billion dollars worth of military weapons and vehicles… he gave them hundred of millions or maybe even billions of dollars…. and here he is telling us he doesn't trust us to give him every penny he says we owe him. Death to tyrants

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