Beijing Biden Throwing Zelensky Under the Bus to Save Face is Really Amusing

Do Bidenbots keep up worshiping Zelensky as the new Jesus or do they go along with Bidens’ hastily countermanded lie and quietly remove their Ukraine flags from their Twitter bios as it is slowly admitted that Ukraine suffers an indefensible position as a proxy state?

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  1. Russia = based, traditional family values
    Ukraine = hub of liberal democracy and money laundering for soros backed authoritarian globalists

    I stand with Putin

  2. Did Biden not sign a land lease to Ukraine worth 40 billion +?

    Ukraine can lose lands for a while as long as they get more NATO weapons they can at some point gain back lands, the question is if that what's best for Ukrainian people, they themselves seem to think so and I would agree with that as well, it's a all or nothing war it seems, Russia can't be trusted, it's not about the eastern lands it's about taking all of Ukraine.

  3. What's actually interesting about this whole dynamic is that Soros recently announced that the New World Order takeover won't happen if Russia continues to attack Ukraine.

  4. I think all this $ is redistribution of weath. Send cash. Then they accept their bags of cash gladly. A( anything to assist the bankruptcy of the west) then
    Convert to gold asap because cash is going going gone very soon. Digital reset stuff. Digital $ education, health etc

  5. A lot of ukranians on twitter think Biden is the best leader in the world and the Dems are the best party in the western civilization LOL. I understand their desperation, though. BTW, this war is the most stupid war since the invasion of Iraq and seeing those ukranian civs getting killed, especially the children, is really though.

  6. The same can be said about the Ukraine followers on FB too. Which side of the fence will they reside. There are soooo many bots and disingenuous people on Harris' FB page it's laughable. The installed Admin may just have to give them a different script to follow. 🤣

  7. A.D.D. crack ?
    Seems like ole brandon starts things with a bit of interest then he sees a squirrel and moves on leaving the last project uncompleted and in more of a mess.
    Good luck Ukraine and the American people getting any return on the 70 or so billion dollars minus a customary percentage for the "big guy".

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