Beijing Biden Unveils Insane, Bloated “Stimulus” Package

And he claims this is merely the precursor:


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  1. This "stimulus" actually PAYS people more NOT TO WORK than to actually have a job. The purpose of this "stimulus" will be to push people to the Welfare State and make them willing slaves to the government. And ALL paid for with further loans from Commie China. America is F'ed!

  2. He has to spend a lot of money, while jobs and the economy at large are depressed. How else will he crush the middle class and solidify leftist support ad infinitum? ?

  3. The CDC ran a survey of the CV-19 deaths, and found that 6% of the cases were from CV-19 alone. 6% of 330,000 deaths is 20,000. The common flu kills 20,000 – 60,000 people a year. In 2018, the flu killed 80,000 people. We didn't go through this hysteria over the flu, and should not be for CV-19.

  4. Here in Virginia the teachers are telling students that if they are missing assignments, just do them, turn them in, and they’ll get A’s for completion regardless of if the assignments are right or wrong. If the root word for teacher is teach, we’ve lost the point of going to school in the first place.

  5. I’m an art teacher and the kids learn a lot, it’s not day care that’s super insulting. In MA school is no joke, don’t fire me! Also art is probably becoming the most important subject next to math and science because creativity will become more important as time goes by.

  6. Don't worry, Emperor Biden will pay for this with that 70% tax on people making $400,000+ per year. Well, until they remaining small businesses go under.

  7. He knows he's going to prison so he's trying to make that idea a bad one to the MSM-watching idiots. 350 billion for the cities will be diverted to everywhere that burned by BLM or self-destroyed via grifting and bad policy. No matter, soon we won't have to worry about this economy or this internet because both will be made anew.