Beijing Biden Uses Air Strikes in Syria: “America is Back!” Scream Vote Blue Cultists


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  1. – Someone has to buy those $10k Toilet seats. & Those 34$ Billion dollar flying bricks they call fighter jets.
    – Can't buy bullets, & bombs if you don't use them.
    – The Military industrial complex, Deep state is back, Sad how predictable it is.
    – Predictable, boring, old Military industrial complex shills. Making their blood money war profits again.
    – War crimes are back on the table, & the hands of the plutocratic/socialist alliance are back under the table, grabbing for that blood money.
    – They shed fake tears for the suffering of potential voter demographics in one year,
    – While they cheer for Blood money from war crime profits the next. As children get caught in the crossfire of their bombing raids.
    – & the sheeple keep doing as they are told.
    — Someone once said Normies are waking up. Not likely. Lets see how media spins the coming war crimes. & the sheeple go Baaaaa

  2. What the US government fights for is too keep the US$ hegemony. With the current level of debt 21 trillions (21000 billions) the US needs the US$ to stay the world’s reserve currency otherwise it would collapse. This why the US fights any attempt to sell /buy oil in other currencies or fight any attempt to use other currencies. For instance the real reason why the west wanted Gadfi gone is because he wanted to create a pan-African currency based. If that had worked oil would not have been sold or bought in US$ anymore in the region.

  3. yep… we start over in 2008…. thanks Obama… no Obiden You know what comes with it too… The worst recession in the history of the United States.

  4. Part of the problem is that people in the West have been taught that 'everybody in the World is the same.' NO. The Middle East has a COMPLETELY alien mind-set to Western thinking, as do other areas of the World. Islamo-Fascism is the correct term.

  5. Liberal Dems are HARDWIRED they cannot process information that goes against their core beliefs, that's why communists countries use them to gain power

  6. They only wave the American flag when a democrat kills randoms with drone strikes. The same bums gnashed their teeth when Trump wanted to get out of that cess-pool of a country. Interesting indeed.

  7. every time he starts to sound halfway intelligent he peppers the F word into his speech and shoots himself in the foot

    it makes him sound like an edgy teenager not an intelligent adult.

  8. He had to wag the dog. Look how weak he appears. It was inevitable. Why do you think Obama had so much "trouble" with those jokers in North Korea? It took Trump one encounter with them to end the "conflict". It's all fake. That's why they pick on the weakest Countries.

  9. I really thought we would get this towards the end of Biden’s term as a re-election strategy, but I suppose the Trump years left the military industrial complex short of a few dollars and they had to pull start the engine on this early.

    You really do have to wonder how many promised were made on the assumption of an automatic Hillary win all those years ago. Now I suppose they have to make up lost time by depleting all the munitions so they can start paying back all those supporters with big orders asap.

  10. Ah, yes… The Blue Voter's version of "America". It's a country where:
    1. Numerous unnecessary and pointless wars and drone strikes are being fought for fraudulent reasons, angering the region the Harris/Biden Administration is claiming to "help" and ensuring a new generation of anti-American fighters emerge to harass and retaliate against not only the target of their anger, but also the target's allies as well.
    2. Economic stagnation under the guise of "going green", ensuring millions of Americans are left in the dirt with no means of paying ever-increasing taxes levied by an already bloated central government.
    3. Bowing towards China, a nation that has proven to not only not give a damn towards anyone but itself, but will do anything to get whatever it wants including massive human rights violation.
    4. Being led by an administration that will guarantee not only we become a complete train wreck, but we become one of the most hated countries on the planet to where even our closest allies like Israel wants nothing to do with us and places sanctions on us as punishment for our actions.