Beijing Bidens Approval is Now Underwater Even in Push Polls

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  1. I will continue to say this. IF they are willing to openly report this the real numbers are 30 points less till zero and quite possibly go negative which with this guy I won’t be surprised

  2. Governments and corporations across the world have banded together and declared war on their own people. The time for civil disobedience is now. This thread is to discuss ways to defeat government/corporate tyranny in a civil and legal manner.
    The lockdowns are stripping you of your rights and replacing Western Civilization with Global Corporate Tyranny. Their intention is for them to be permanent and expanded.

    Methods of civil disobedience:

    >Only shop at local businesses.
    >Only pay with cash.
    >Grow/farm your own food wherever possible.
    >Do not consume their propaganda. This includes News, Hollywood, Television, Social Media Influencers. Be wary of "right-wing truth-tellers" who exist to divide.
    >Do not comply with any lockdown mandates. No masks. No social distancing. Act like they don't exist.
    >DO NOT TAKE THE INJECTION. Under any circumstances. If you take the injection you will submit to permanent lockdowns and "green passports" which will strip you of all your rights indefinitely
    >If your employer/university demands you take it, force them to fire you. Get the reason in writing. Then sue them.
    >Educate yourself on legal tax loopholes. Use them.
    >Understand that petty tyrants are also your enemy Frustrate them at every opportunity.

  3. I live in downtown Dallas and the biden Harris sign I used to see at a house (that also hung the MEXICAN flag ?) has been removed from their lawn.

  4. Trump right once again that *Biden was taken out of the trash heap haha & and this is with a 24/7 defense by his media puppets lol. He is a failure, see his humiliating former presidental runs!

  5. Wishful thinking, multinationals can put a turnip and squash in power. Nothing to see here. Smoke and mirrors media and DEM and RINO election rigging, we get the candidate the was selected for us.

  6. Kirsten Sinema and Joe Manchin are just opposing for the purposes of optics they want to appear more based than they are to get reelected and stay in power fucking primary them out people