Beijing Erases One Of China’s Most Famous Actresses Off The Internet (PATREON CLIPS)

Boyscast with Ryan Long Patreon clips.

From September 3rd Patreon episode.

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  1. Maybe I'm confusing her, but as far as I know this is about her wearing a dress with a Japanese flag on it 10 years ago.
    Back then she already had to apologize and the whole thing kind of died down, but now, out of nowhere, a new nationalistic moral panic erupted over that old incident and this time they erased her.

  2. Collectivist mentality – destroy the output (creation / production) of an individual’s rationality with the snap of the fingers. Terrifying.

  3. The lady has got pure Steel balled, Chad-level Wesley Snipes Energy. Questioning and criticizing your taxes is the most critical thing one can do to understand your Government and is a sure sign of a freethinking, liberty-minded individual otherwise. Taiwan is number 1.

  4. I kinda feel like this is the way to go. After a short while of fame, you're out! That way we wouldn't have to suspend disbelief in movies plus no celebrities would get bored enough to lecture us on politics.