Being This Close To Nuclear War Should Change How We See Things

The swelling likelihood of imminent armageddon draws everything into focus. Helps clarify your priorities. Helps you figure out how to live your life from moment to moment.

Reading by Tim Foley.

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone


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  1. We are not close to nuclear war, thats fear porn. USA will never attack Russia, they only bully small nations who dont have nuclear weapons.

  2. It's crazy making how no one in my social environment seems to see this reality. They sort of feel for my distress and then they try to relieve it by reassuring me we will not have nuclear war. This of course makes me more afraid because we are blundering blindly ahead into war as we speak.

  3. When will we stop putting the spotlight on "evil Putin" or "evil US Empire" and put it on the true puppet masters of war?
    Who does Putin take orders from? (Hint: same ones US does).
    You don't think he's a dastardly mastermind calling all the shots do you?
    Why doesn't anyone ever talk about Kissinger anymore? Or the one pulling his strings….

  4. A personal question to the creator: Do your friends and family believe you when you talk about this stuff, or do they just gaslight you and tell you everything is fine?

  5. I haven't been watching TV since last November when my 30-ys old Motorola gave it up. I get all my news on my computer. My husband's TV in his den and his phone/Internet are his sources. I have always been more free-thinking than him, he's more conservative and stock-market oriented. A couple of nights ago I was questioning him about the Ukraine situation. He couldn't tell me what Putin's line in the sand was, the three requirements he wanted met to call off his troops. So much for background information from CNN, MSNBC, FOX and Bloomberg news/CNBC. I don't think most tv-watchers have any idea how dire the situation is, other than jumping on the bandwagon to support the Ukrainian refugees.

  6. Unfortunately I think many people are simply unable to do what you advise towards the end, because they need psychological healing (& the brain growth that comes with that) in order to be capable of that. People are stuck with messy, underdeveloped brains bc of their various childhood trauma (neglect/abuse) experiences. People who are capable of valuing each moment, seeing the beauty etc. are typically already doing that. I guess it’s an ok reminder to those people, to get on it, but there’s a vast number of people for whom those instructions simply don’t compute. And that’s why the world is as it is.

  7. An absolute masterpiece. Thank you Caitlin.

    (PS: These audios are very appreciated, i always listen to them on 2x speed while reading along.)

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