Belarus denounces military operation to be carried out by Western powers

Belarus denounces that Western powers are preparing to carry out a military operation in areas close to Russia. teleSUR

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  1. I guess ww3 is inevitable now. Western arrogance is at peak not even nuclear deterrent is working anymore. I guess this is as far we go huh what a shame

  2. Bullshit channel. NATO is a defensive alliance, building troops and army because Russia lost there collective minds. Maybe report on the facts lady.

  3. Paused at :40. :. Plenty of offices working overtime now huh?
    Its big business these rackets.
    Protect DNA Everyone, kinetics has Partnered with genetics!
    🌎al Sstakeholders
    More Hands On Deck!

  4. It's about time we go in, & deal with Russia's BS. The US, & all of NATO need to deal with Russia, China, NK, Seria, Iran, & Pakistan all at once. Enough is enough already. It's time to get this party started, & finished.

  5. The US lead NATO and Canadian military heavily involve in Ukraine war, they are holding few hundred civilian hostage in Mariupol.Azovstal steel plant, now these Nazis demand for civilian exchange for food! I don't know how disgusting that is Ukrainian army holding their own civilian as hostage threaten Russian army for food!

  6. The question should be Russia has not move to nato, but nato the colonizers force is keep moving towards Russia, yet the Nazi incubation and resurrection in Ukraine is not a problem to Europeans?
    Let hell open wide to receive the demonic Nazi enablers!

  7. NAzTO preparing all out war against Russian Federation. 80% of world’s nations are opposed to NAzTO – time for them to sanction the U.S. and NAzTO and stop the ‘uni-polar’ madness aimed at everyone in the world – just like Hitler.

  8. Do you know why Europe and the USA have taken such actions today?? I'll tell you, the generals and commanders of all European countries are in the basement of Azovstal)) And yesterday Russia decided to storm it!! basement!! So your NATO and America are tearing your ass for a reason!! We decided to scare Russia, well, well)) As Putin said: Just don't stop halfway!!!

  9. In the future some one will attack the mainland usa, and thats the beggining to be downfall and be scattered…believed it, evil will not always win against good.

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