Believe It Or Not – There Is Now A Container Glut…

Supply chains are now being disrupted by a new problem – a glut of containers, and as shipping costs dive, profitability is again under question.

Question is, will this lead to a fall in shipping prices?

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  1. Given that shipping containers can be made into tiny houses*, we may now have a solution to our housing problem. Then again it may not as this would require some creative and lateral thinking nationwide.

  2. So Steve the bond king is right, he said this would start to happen I mean he gave us a good year of warnings but the slow down has truly begun, if the RBA lifts any higher it will busy the economy they are getting ahead of themselves now and people need to catch up … I'm not one I'm debt free but I know many now it's becoming a struggle

  3. Maybe it’s time for another blockage in the Suez Canal, empty containers equate to no goods for sale, when countries don’t export the empty containers are from imports. The one way trade is self evident, the Chinese sell the containers and what’s inside.

  4. Dump the excess containers into the ocean and give the iron ore, mining and manufacturing industries a kick along
    Just like leaving billions of dollars of war machinery in Afghanistan, Iraq etc etc

  5. This solves the Housing Crisis the Mainstream media has been harping on for months, they convert well to homes and if you what more space add another, problem solved.

  6. Maybe the ozz govt can turn containers into re education camp accommodation for those who say no to WEF WHO digital nonsense. Interesting that they are pushing digital at a time when our world's electric circuit is getting rocky?!!!! What could go wrong?

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