Ben Shapiro Terrorises A Podcast Convention

Ben Shapiro ruins the Podcast Movement Convention. What does Andrew Doyle think about Ben Shapiro’s podcast being a problematic issue? Should The Daily Wire be cancelled? What is Andrew Doyle’s opinion on The Ben Shapiro Show?

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Written by Chris Williamson


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  1. OMG….Ben Shapiro calmly walking around a podcast expo makes people "with a Uterus" unsafe ? if we shut off Twitter for a year the world would go back to normal. Twitter is a the portal of madness

  2. This is bullshit. I don't even agree with Shapiro on most of his views, but that in no way, shape or form means that I'm going to treat him like a convict or a violent criminal if I saw him at a convention. He's just a human that speaks and breathes differently than you. Plus he's 5.5, do you reaaaaaally think he could kick your butt? I think that regardless, these people feeling unsafe are so mentally / emotionally weak that they'll just end up hurting themselves first before someone like Ben could even lift a finger.

  3. I’m guessing the Daily Wire paid money for the booth which the promoters were happy to take. Are they going to prove they are truly sorry for Ben visiting his company’s booth by refunding the booth fee? If the man is toxic his money must be also.

  4. "I FEEL UNSAFE! SOMEONE PROTECT ME FROM IMAGINARY THREATS!" This is what 30 years of helicopter / steamroller parenting gets you. Now that damage is done. When I was a kid, we were seen, but not heard. We were outside playing, that's why we have imagination and immune systems that function while these little Woke Brats can't deal with reality or the fact that they don't always get their way. Well, life isn't always what one likes. Deal with it.

  5. Theres a difference between someone holding an opinion and a perspective and someone literally promoting ideologies that are harmful to humanity. They seem to be equating people like Ben Shapiro and his opinions with previous people (like Hitler). People that claim that Ben Shapiros opinions are 'unsafe' to them should take a look at individuals who are really promoting harmful ideologies that can (and are) causing mass destruction to humans and our survival (Klaus Schwab and the issues happening currently with farmers across the world that will be influencing incredible food shortages and famine all in the name of "sustainability").

    Also I feel like this is a classic case of pandering to peoples anxieties. Anyone who has suffered from anxiety knows that it can influence you to avoid certain situations or things that apparently "cause" it. When you start to avoid those situations the anxiety invariably jumps to another thing, which you then avoid and your life becomes more and more restrictive. The way to deal with it is to face the discomfort and realise that the external "cause" is just your mind attributing anxiety to that thing, it really exists within you.

  6. As a ‘quote whichever identity is in vogue and supported by the intersectionalist left’ I feel offended and have the right to shut anyone else down for disagreeing with me, cos violence mkay

  7. As Matt Walsh said, some low subscriber podcaster should have been asking Ben for help and advice to improve their own output, not quiver in so called fear.

  8. Existence isnt always safe….man the internet really is distorting the youths minds isnt it? Well, I can only hope that another 20+ years of human interactions with technology will give us enough empirical evidence to its effects on our psychology that we start to seriously consider some protocols to diminish its effect. God help us all. LOL.

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