BenBC – Ruby Freeman / Shaye Freeman Moss USB Transfer Breakdown

It looks like Ruby Freeman and Shaye Freeman Moss may have colluded to help rig the votes in Fulton County, GA.

Here they are in the middle of what looks like the transfer/concealing of a USB Thumb Drive.

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Written by Ben Jammin


  1. I heard that it wasn't a USB that the mother handed the daughter. And you sure as hell can't see it in this video, but what it actually was was a joint. I heard they were taking a break to get a little baked. And I didn't want anyone to see the joint. Now I don't know for sure if that's true but the mother Deadpool something out of her purse not out of a computer. So you don't know what the hell it was, You just making up shit because your stupid ass.

  2. The world is watching America so do the right thing and protect voter integrity and stamp out the corruption that occurred during the 2020 election. Democrats are disgusting and will do anything to get what they want, imagine sleepy Biden as your president ???, there will be plenty of corruption for sure. You have to also ask who is really going to run the show not Biden because he can't even remember his own name never mind remembering anything else and will stay in the basement a lot. What kind of country will America be if a cheat is allowed to steal the election, it's unthinkable what America will be come. It is evident to see President Trump has won fairly and not by FRAUD!! There is plenty of signed affidavits from huge number of people who evidenced the fraud but ignored by the FAKE, BIASED AND LYING MSM SUCH AS CNN, FOX NEWS, SKY NEWS, MSNBC, CBS, ABC AND WHY ARE THEY NOT REPORTING ON THIS IMPORTANT PIECE OF VOTER FRAUD NEWS, America has become a banana republic.

  3. This is what the Dem's do, they use identity politics to upset the black community and then let them do their dirty work. They play them like fiddles, you'd think the black community would catch on by now! Some are starting to figure it out.

  4. As the evidence comes in, while it's often the case that top dogs rarely get fingered, let's see how many of those accessory – aiders and abettors, who took part will be brought to justice. In 2018 when broward county, FL supervisor of elections (BS), was forced to resign, not sure if further sanctions were levelled on her. There are laws governing the conduct of elections and penalties apply for not observing those laws. Time for the foot soldiers to start squealing. We all know who gets shafted first when the other shoe drops.

  5. Really really well done. Thank you. I subscribed immediately. Now… just imagine if the FBI had the slightest inkling that organized crime occurred during this election and they analyzed this footage. They have the most state-of-art software (very expensive and not available to the general public) which would likely be able to uncloak the details of this apparent "hand off".

  6. Democrats: "Stealing and looting hundreds of stores across America is not only perfectly fine, it's our moral obligation to steal."
    Also Democrats: "Steal an election? Why…. we would NEVER!"