Bernie Backs Off Medicare For All As Trump Adopts It! WTF?

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  1. I'm pretty sure Bernie Sanders took his followers for a ride. He doesn't want to be President. He just wanted to get enough notoriety to sell books and become a millionaire.

  2. Hey Jimmy,are you f$&&ing stupid? Peopl aren’t unemployed for good, they were sent home. Most will get called back as soon as Democrats relent. Granted they want to keep it closed until the economy collapses, but they won’t be able to.

  3. it's happening, we all thought he was lying about repealing and replacing Obamacare. It's about to happen– more to come. We need to keep calling politicians out so this plan continues.

  4. Gump like Biden dont do anything besides make vague campaign promises that could fatten fat cats. I want an Independent Green candidate. At least then we'd get vague campaign promises that could be good for the working class.

  5. You guys still hate nationalism? It's the globalists who oppose trump's agenda trump wants to do right by the American people and stop cheap labour mass immigration and protect them from Islamic fascists and have a healthy prosperous America rebuilding infrastructure and protecting US workers from cheap migrant labour.???

  6. I had Obamacare for 10 months in 2016 because I had Cobra and missed paying my premium by ONE DAY and I was dropped on day two.

    I paid $320 a month & ACA paid NOTHING. $9000 out of pocket on top of the $3200 in premiums.

    Fuck ACA/Obamacare.

  7. If you are Middle Class with Income, the Hospital will go after You, for ever. But Poor people have always been covered by the Govt. You don;t know any poor people. Jimmy.

  8. This is how Trump already won 2020.
    Democrats keep shitting on Trump's response to COVID-19 as they opposed his M4A plan to cover the infected.

  9. I’m republican and I don’t think Medicare for all is political it just makes sense u can’t have a profit driven healthcare system it flat out doesn’t work

  10. I;ve been informing you Jimmy, poor people have been always able to go to a Hospital, but the Hospital does Not have to accept you as a Patient. But if they accept you, then they Bill Medicare or Medicaid. For 20 years, Jimmy.

  11. Jimmy I told you a long time ago Trump really loves this country in the people and he truly wants to help maybe he's not a left-winger maybe he does step all over his mouth all the time. My President is out left in the the left. Yes Trump has his faults but he loves the people in this country and he truly wants to help the people. Trump 20/20 give us Republicans a chance and you'll never go back to the lying corrupt Democrats

  12. Watching this now is like fuck. Keep it up Jimmy. Not the hero we deserved, but the hero we needed. Not saying he could fix all our problems, but fuck. No one fighting for those basic rights/policy issues (we we’re like hell couple months ago).

  13. It just hit me what Bernie is. His whole life he has been the screaming for these policies knowing they wouldn't be passed. Now at his age he see's an opening where he could of been president and pushed through his lifes work. But i think he is scared i don't think he wants to pass these bills. I think he wants to continue to fight and scream, but not pass. I think he is afraid of what he would do afterwards. He likes his current job which is screaming and yelling about shit but not actually accomplishing anyhting.

  14. What about all the fat lazy asses that are going to go to the doctor just to get pills or avoid going to work? Do we agree that that may be an issue under m4a? I was raised by these people I know for a fact there out there, en masse.