Bernie Pushes Dem Propaganda About $1400 Checks

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  1. The only way to change fake money with no capitol, is getting people to buy a mortgage which makes it a legal asset,
    and then take it off you and materialise their fake money asset.

  2. Thank you Rep. Jayapal. You are a loyal party apparatchik and have done your duty by kicking the Medicare can down the road. Your promotion awaits.

  3. Bernie proved what a spineless jellyfish he is back in the 2012 when he didn't fight for his place in the election against sleaze-bag Hillary & then asked us who voted for him to vote for HER ! That was my ENOUGH IS ENOUGH moment. I walked away from the Dem Party of which I had been all my 67yrs at the time. When he ran again, I could hardly believe he did the same damn thing again. I'm now a citizen without a Party…..
    ALL I BELIEVE IN IS THE CONSTITUTION. Those elected are dishonoring IT everyday. We are losing our freedoms and sovereignty by not calling them out or firing their asses for doing so.

  4. Jimmy comparing the democrat-controlled government to "racist right-wingers" again.
    1st thumbs down, Jimmy. I can only handle so many lies before he starts sounding like the Projectionist Lame-Stream Media. Who is pushing racism at every turn, against another race [whites]? A: democrat- progressives. Who is suffering from illegal immigration? We tax-payers, people competing with millions of illegals for jobs that no longer exist & trafficked humans.

  5. Our taxes pay their paychecks. We get nothing for our money -they work for their own, their mansions, their portfolio, their career, not working class taxpayers who pay their salaries.

  6. Just proves all all you guys want is a handout. You complain it isn't enough, because you just want a handout, otherwise you would be complaining they shut us down. My people are going…what the hell do I need $1400 from the government for…it my money to begin with. I've been working the whole time. Who's paying for this 1400? Oh it goes to illegals as well…wonderful, what could go wrong with more government bureaucracy. No we need to give more free shit, school, housing blah blah blah. Just like I call this socialism out I will call out the loans and tax to mega corpations, the out right ignoring of the creation of monopolies. Republican woman governor just did it on Tucker over women in sports…the NCAA theaten her to remove all their events if she signed bill to block transgens in womens sports. She caved to money. Stand up for what is right, not what make money. Jimmy anwser is give it away free….we want to fix what is broken about capitalism (which isn't what we are under).

  7. It’s 300 a kid for a few months, I’m going to give mine to the homeless drug addicts by the express way because that’s the only way it could make someone’s life a little nicer for a minute. Or maybe I’ll get a drug habit for a day. ??‍♂️

  8. Raising the minimum wage will only continue to tie people's "value" to the work they do and will perpetuate wage slavery. It squeezes out small businesses in favor of the large corporations that can afford it. We need to figure out a way to do a robust UBI, and not just for the pandemic. It would serve the people far better than an increase in minimum wage.

  9. Out of one side of their mouths, these clowns are complaining that other people aren't doing enough and won't risk their platforms to do anything. Out of the other side, I don't have enough power to do anything, this is too stressful, I might die of a heart attack and other excuses why they won't risk their platform to actually do anything. You know why they won't actually do anything – because they make money pointing out how everybody else is the problem.

  10. Capitalist corporations benefit from as few people owning anything as possible i.e. owning your own house, your own car, your own, business. They prefer the masses to be workers in a factory, paying rent, contract phones/cars, subscriptions to netfl ix and gaming online rather than owning things. You buy a dvd you have it for life unless it breaks but it's a one time payment, they want you to pay $10 a month and you don't even own the films/games, etc. It might seem insignificant but it's the business model of ownership is kept within the corporations networks not in the hands of the people.

  11. Funny they said renters “can’t afford to buy“ except rent generally = more than a mortgage payment in the 2-8 unit buildings but many renters don’t have the credit score and often although landlords have the credit they don’t really have the income to support the debt and are fully dependent on the renters to cover even their own bills. To make it clear I’m not downing landlords or property owners I’m simply pointing out the idiocies of this system we continue to participate in ….. I lost my HOME in 2008 after begging for forbearance and a reasonable decrease in my monthly payment because it went from $600 a month to $2700 a month, even the judge was disappointed they wouldn’t allow me to pay $1000 a month to keep a home that was a block away from my parents, (the home I grew up in,) home. They auctioned it for 20% of the principal. I’ve paid $1000 to $1250 a month in rent ever since……

  12. Sanders became very suspect at the 2016 Demo convention; ever since he's only confirmed suspicions that he's an establishment shill. Shame on this old phoney. I can't stand this old fraud anymore.

  13. Majority of Dems an Reps are on the same side. They only act like opposites so the ASLEEP choose sides and create division. What I don't understand is why Bernie supporters got duped in believing in him after he screwed you the first time? Now Dore is jumping on a third party that is being run by someone who was a part of the Bernie Team. Only way this end is if the overwhelming majority Come Together and fight against the people and organization that spew Division. There should be a Come Together Party.

  14. I'm an old fart living just across the border. I live on an Old Age Security and a Guaranteed Income Supplement, my rent is subsidized by the province (I pay roughly half the market value), I pay $45 annually for very good public transit, and, of course, I have the full single payer healthcare very other Canadian and landed immigrant receives including (for seniors) free Pharmacare and subsidized vision allowances that are exceed the costs of eye-glasses and tests (why not just make it free, right?), I get all kinds of free stuff and endless deductibles all over the place like free banking with a $500 overdraft service, and since the pandemic I have been given a $500 check twice, and 3-4 X a week a nice lady who works here at my apt. building brings me free, really good, healthy frozen meals provided by volunteers. And the politicians are talking about the need for significant raises and more support for the elderly here in Canada.

    If I were still living in the USA, I probably wouldn't actually be living because I'd probably be dead. I have had serious problems with my back since I was 19 yrs old; (I know that Jimmy could easily relate.) I wouldn't have had the free at point of service healthcare, and the social support and services that would have helped me to bridge the gaps to survive from not having steady employment (my employment had been constantly interrupted bc of episodes with my back). I probably would have ended up trying to survive while being homeless, or making my home in a van. Basically, I thank God every day for living in Canada.

    And, btw, I also think about everyone in the USA who deserve so much better. Keep yakking, Jimmy; some day enough Americans will hear your message to turn things around. You and Stef (and Ron and Graham, and the others) are doing important work, so please don't stop.

  15. Jimmy, you and most of your guests make a case nearly every day how terrible democrats are, yet you still support them. Republicans are a FAR better group of people.

  16. Trump lover here. Jimmy your absolutely right about real estate. In the relieve bill is tax breaks for real estate. Some of these management companies are have Over 50,009 homes. I loved Rush Limbaugh, now I’m listening to you and Tucker. These are the reason Trump was popular. It’s manufacturing consent to say I’m racist and not about economics. KEEP YELLING.

  17. I learned with my student loan is deferment is just fancy talk for delay so absolutely correct you’re going to have to pay with interest. It’s sad and scary

  18. Now you know how rich people stay rich: they buy things that go up in value.

    Talk about how minority neighborhoods are still redlined so no one else but the mafia and major corporations can afford the rent. That's why you see so many shitty food options there crowding out good ones. This is how poor neighborhoods stay poor.

  19. Don’t forget the tagline at Davos this past year it was “You will own nothing, you will rent everything, and you will be happy” that is the future by 2030 according to the elites…. problem is, previous to this pandemic a lot of common people did own something of their own… perhaps a mom and pop shop, or a little home, or just their old car.

  20. Jimmy — you, Stef, Ron and Graham have deprogrammed and neutralised the gaslighting I've otherwise been subjected to for the entirety of the lockdown, which at the end of the day has probably prevented me from blowing my brains out. If it ever feels like maybe you're not making a difference, recall that I can't be the only one. I appreciate you and the team.

  21. And then they turn around and sell them at premium prices to despots from corrupt countries whose political systems we proclaim to be against.

  22. Bernie seems more and more like he was a plant or a foil for the "other" side this whole time. It's almost like he's been a neo-liberal in disguise as this great progressive. And what can we expect? Hes been a part of that congress and house, that establishment for 40-50 years now. He IS still a politician. It's like after Obama they(the powers that be in the democratic establishment) looked at every senator they had and they said who has the largest most liberal history that we can exploit the same way we did Obama.
    I mean what else could possibly explain the MASSIVE shift in his energies and attempts, even in his very 'ideology', to actually do something or actually get something done recently. He ends up being no better and indeed almost a BIGGER disappointment than all of them because he is truly failing the people who have bought into his 'message' over these past years.
    And that hurts me to even say, I have been a Bernie supporter since his big entrance in 2015-2016. I have been to multiple Bernie rallies, I have a bunch of Bernie gear. Clothes, posters, pins, bumper stickers. And i was one of the many many to donate 10 dollars here and 20 dollars there to his campaign for years I did that. There have been far more politicians that have been a part of our american system who are much much worse than anything Bernie is. But with all that, Bernie is the biggest, largest failure and let-down in all of it. Its sad. But to me, hes fallen so far, and so hard, and in many ways how it has happened and continues to happen is just unacceptable…
    All these politicians start out with a lot of love and they all spoil what good and what faith that people belive in and give them.

  23. Stop pumping digital coins plz !!! A hacker or watever creepy unknown that created it can dump it at ANY TIME. Its essentially saying u want an unknown computer "block maker" in charge of All money?? Thats a better option HOW ??? "But bro its un-hackable"How do u know that??? Nobody knows how that shit works!! Its converting all money, into basically a digital stock market!!! " But Its going up maann" … Pathetic!!!!!!

  24. Somehow, because there is so much media chatter about it, the colossal lunacy of a one time payment- the striking inadequacy of a one time payment goes……UNNOTICED (save for here at the JD Show).

  25. The reason politicians don't do what you think they should isn't because they want to but were bought off by nefarious "special interests"; it's because they disagree with you about what to do. They think you're wrong. The question isn't "what's in it for them to not do what you think they should?"; it's "what's in it for them to do what they don't think they should?".

  26. Personally, I'll be living month to month just like before, but I got a gaming PC out of it.

    Got a new bed and set up a grow tent, and picked up a few things for my kitchen.

    So, like, still broke with no path out of poverty, but at least I can eat better food, sleep more comfortably, entertain myself, and numb myself with a fuck ton of marijuana I'd never be able to afford if I had to buy it.

    Yeah, MI is a legal state now, but dispensary prices are outrageous.

  27. They don't "want" you to default on your motgage, nor do they "want" to execute a foreclosure judgement. It makes to difference to them. As long as the housing stock wasn't destroyed by a natural disaster or enemy attack, the government doesn't care who owns what, who owes what to whom, or who lives in which house.

  28. You're just coming to grips with a financial reset in 2021? Maybe the banks were complicit with the mortgage companies in having the end user (you) sign off on loans that were not in the best interest. Time repeats itself, for the rules have changed. In the case of debt relief, you're asking an unrealistic demand to make Democrats accountable for being paid off by their owners. Commercial real estate, is in for a bigger financial reset.