Bernie Refuses To Call Out Kamala’s Wall St Ties, Pivots To Trump Bashing

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  1. at this point, Bernie needs to support Biden to death he knows the only way to help the people is to get rid of tRump, just imagine truMp getting another 4 years, just forget about democracy.
    you cant do it all, 1 win a time
    the real test is to give Bernie the presidency and then if he failed he failed

  2. Here's my take: Bernie knows Biden is going to lose. It's nakedly obvious we're living 2016 all over again, with the added bonus that DNC leadership and donor actually prefer another Trump term. They're hedging bets with an easy puppet like Biden but they stand to gain more by being #Resistance for another four years. Bernie sees this and is determined not to give centrists anyone to blame but themselves. He's letting them beclown themselves once more, and when they do, anger at the DNCs failures will create the perfect opportunity for an actual progressive moment to take root outside Dems control.

  3. Bernie, you chose poorly. Your good friend Joe is going to ignore you. A new party will be born, as the Democrats are way off into corruption, and Bernie will be remembered as the ideas guy that betrayed the progressive movement at the end of the road so his corrupted politician friends are nice to him and give him room on stage. As Tramp would have said – sad, so sad.

  4. Just say it as it is Kyle. Bernie sold out. He is another stooge of the democratic party. I have 0 respect for Bernie anymore, and I do not think the democratic party has any good people anymore.

  5. Bernie's the man who has the most power an responsibility to defeat Donald Trump (because of his influence over voters). He has made his decision to put that above everything else, and it is why he has done everything he has done since he lost the primaries. He felt that he couldn't risk dividing or diminishing the Democratic votes by attacking any part of the Biden campaign. I don't think he is wrong. Trump won once; Sanders feels that he has to do everything he can to support a Trump loss. I think people are a little too hard on him, and aren't understanding his position, and forget that he united a huge progressive movement and brought real issues into the political mainstream. He is doing the best he can. It would have been bad if he didn't do anything to defeat Trump. Let's just hope he keeps his word after the election.

  6. I really agree with everything that Bernie said in this interview, I truly believe that when we fail to get a progressive agenda under Biden, more people will look toward true progressives

  7. It seems like the MSM wants to continuously “rest” Bernie to see if he’ll give them a reason to blame a potential loss on him, you can see Jake trying to hold back a smile after asking that question.

  8. I don't disagree with Kyle much, but trashing Kamala Harris is self-defeating. Bernie knows if he wants Trump out, he can't trash Harris and support her at the same time. It would confuse his followers. Their votes or non-votes can swing an election. Bernie knows priority #1 is to get that madman out of office. Bernie can and should only deal with one agenda at a time… otherwise he's working against himself!!!

  9. You can’t be surprised that partisan hacks will defend their fellow partisan hacks at all costs.
    It’s not something you can just blame on the other side, your guys do it too, just as often and just as badly.

  10. just keep in mind biden sucked for the last 40 years and did nothing more then getting payed tax money also think about his physical condition, this dude wont make 4 more years

  11. Pretty rich that now all of a sudden Take Japper is concerned with political corruption now that Bernie's no longer a threat. Very convenient timing.

  12. I think Bernie is too old he can only react in one track. He had the same problem in the debates. You give him time to think and then respond , I’m sure he would not have made the mistake of not addressing pro-wall street Democrats. Or maybe he would I don’t know. Point is, he’s going to have to pass the torch. I think AOC would be the best prospect for a Bernie protégé to run for president in 2028 if she continues to do good work.

  13. Can someone run the math for third party support voting? We need to vote tactically and show third party support to threaten the corporatist Democrats and Republicans while still maintaining a Trump loss. 2028 we pull the pin and vote them out.

  14. This is not how you fight fascism, stop whining about the primary and look forward, your not giving us anything other than pessimism and cynicism. You have no plan for the future other than not vote, which, news flash, won’t help anyone but your ego

  15. Bernie is a true patriot and champion of the american people, but he's not always the smartest when he talks..they say you can't teach an old dog new tricks, maybe that's the case with Bernie..

  16. This is a pretty shitty take from you Kyle. I'm disappointed in Bernie too but you can't say he didn't answer the question when the question was "what does Bernie Sanders do?"

  17. Thankfully Bernie Sanders understands electoral politics better than Kyle does. Bernie understands that at this point it's either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, and Kamala Harris is Joe's VP regardless of the corporate pack money she receives. Bernie would be a complete idiot to start bashing Kamala Harris now, as is undermines the future of the country by boosting Donald Trump's chances of victory.

  18. Bernie has been very successful in bringing progressive views to the stage. His chance of becoming president with his more radical left stance was super slim and the fact that he made it as far as he did is incredible.
    The important thing at the moment is to just get Biden in office, because even though he isn’t great, he will bring us much closer to the progressive America than Trump ever will. To all the Bernie Bro’s who are saying Bernie or Bust, you’re incredibly brain dead. What the fuck is the point of having good values and ideas if you can’t win. The game of politics is harsh, and sometimes you have to be strategic in order to implement your ideas. That’s exactly what Bernie is doing. He knows that Biden isn’t great but he will endorse him because the alternative is human dogshit.

  19. Kyle, why would Bernie withhold his support from Biden? If he did, he and his supporters (myself included) would be immensely lambasted by the Democratic establishment and no one would want to be a part of the left anymore. Now, before everyone rages and says to me, "But they're going to blame us anyway!," let me explain something. First, having a few dumb neoliberal corporate media hosts blame us for Biden losing is much better and completely different than having every single media outlet blame us. They can definitely blame us worse. It would have been much worse if Bernie hadn't campaigned his hardest for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Secondly, even if it's true that they're going to put the same amount of blame on Bernie if Biden loses to Trump, that doesn't mean we should automatically do the dumbest PR move possible. If they're gonna hate us either way, why not do the best possible action of harm reduction? Third, I'm not sure why so many people (including Kyle) think the only way we can sway politicians is during elections. Voting is important, but it doesn't stop there. Activism is the reason why we have so many great things in America. Women's Suffrage, the Civil Rights, labor unions; we have all of these because the people never stopped fighting after an election was over. Politicians cave to public pressure. And with the amount of progressive Democrats winning in primaries across the country, this proves that people are finally waking up to see neoliberalism sucks. The more we leftists grow our presence in the Democratic Party, the stronger leverage we will have over the centrists.

  20. lol listening to guy just shows me that Bernie is the best conman in politics, and still is. he used you people like a rag on the floor and soon he will retire into a most comfortable life that the vast majority of the public will never have, including a health care plan better than anyone else in the country. lol. suckers.

  21. Bernie side-stepped the question. It's unfortunate that Senator Sanders is shilling for the party that ignores a substantial portion of its supporters. I'm still going to vote Green in a swing state because both parties, and their candidates, are anti-labor and anti-working class.

  22. bernie was the only good candidate. but he chickened out. not that he would ever win anyway. AIPAC wouldnt have allowed it. But still. BIden is literally the same as trump just a democrat instead of a republican. look when he was vice president of Obama. he approved of all the false flags illegal wars and creation of terrorist organisations. and bernie thinks that biden is the best option? sorry but what? is literally ever single person in america retarded as fuck or is it just me. because this doesnt make sense WHAT so ever. anyway this shows that you cant trust politicians like at all. voting wont matter just a different puppet nothing more. and this is the country that still rules over the world. its sickening