Bernie Sanders Abandons Pushing Biden Left and Medicare4All

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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  1. Last I heard Biden will be pushing for 15/hr. If that happens, I'm sure you won't hear about it here. No I'm not a "blue maga" or wine sipping biden reveller. You just have to remember that rage sells. Don't let this show turn you into the inverse of an infowars listener.

  2. DNC frauded Bernie in 2016 for the nomination, paid for fake Trump Dossier so Dems win the House in 2018, frauded Tulsa and Bernie in again in 2020… but no they didnt f the 2020 Presidential election…ya right!!!

  3. Dems are warmongers bullying small helpless countries… and doing what to foreign citizens? …it starts M… guess??? Blocking troop withdrawals..Political sociopaths…

  4. I'm afraid there's no denyin'
    I'm just a dandy-lion
    A fate I don't deserve
    I'm sure I could show my prowess
    Be a lion, not a mouse
    If I only had the nerve

    ~ The Cowardly Lion, Bernie Sanders

  5. I might have to subscribe again so I can see these people held accountable in some way. It's like, you might not agree, but Trump would have invited all voices… And if they were nicer and didn't make up racism it would have been better… Now it's just one voice and it's globalism. Bad era for all of us.. but should I even feel bad for Bernie voters? They had just as much time to see exactly what I see. Bernie is full of crap and he's used to bait and switch. Also he says Trump is the most racist president in history.. umm what about lyndon b Johnson signing the "n-bill" as he called it. It's like if you are making up imaginary racism even when there's a song called 'Donald Trump Black Version' by the Time, always black celebrities on the apprentice. Like… OMAROSA!! how did the left brainwash everyone into hating Trump so bad? I think it's backlash for ALL OF US. It's so sickening.

  6. We should expect a return to multilateralism once the Biden administration assumes office. The Trans-Pacific Partnership aimed to create a rules-based order that all parties could subscribe to. With the ascendancy of the Indo-Pacific paradigm and the Quad and Quad Plus, a successor to the TPP could include a wider canvas. For India, this could mean cooperation beyond defence and security, including economics, technology and developments pertaining to the regional order.

  7. You guys do realize all these shows are opinion pieces and not news . I think thats part of the problem in the U.S. too many people opinions versus actual unbiased news reporting.

  8. By 20 Jan Bernie will have already delivered everything that Biden wants. He will be president and that just about sums up the limits of his ambitions for the country and the people. It's been his life's ambition, no more, not less.
    Anything else that Biden wants will actually be what his financiers to and the MIC want and that won't include M4A.
    Bernie just completed the final leg in his journey from radical to establishment sellout.

  9. The establishment democrats pulled a snow job on the Progressives..again. Why did they fall in line so easily? D's cheated Bernie the first time, in favor of HRC. And probably this time as well (why most who dropped out are now getting positions in the Biden admin). It will be the same old, same old. "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me."

  10. We need to have open market medical insurance– so consumers drive the price instead of the Government. The problem is there already millions of people get free Medicare that's why it's so expensive for the rest of us!

  11. Dude. He has to work within limits of government because he is a senator. You are a comedian with a fucking podcast haha. You need to be slapped by another grown ass man for a lesson. It helps sometimes and all the time in your case sir. ? stop complaining . Dork!

  12. Does this guy honestly think anyone can convince Biden to pass Medicare for All? What an idiot. Looks like he’s just trying to get people mad at the only progressives we had.