Bernie Sanders’ Warning Is TOO LATE.

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Edited by Koki Miyazaki

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  1. Bernie's time was not this year. His time was in 2016. This year was Andrew Yang's year. He should of backed Yang. Bernie is a terrible example, especially to Yang, who is our future.

  2. This information is so disappointing . .

    He is leading his naive Millineal supporters on to believe that he will be significant in the DNC. Anyone knows that he should not align himself with loser Joe Biden or Kamala Harris. This leaves AOC and all of her influence out in the cold, also

  3. Love and hate are the strongest emotions humans have and they are close together. Jimmy because you loved this stupid old socialist looter when he disappointed you that love turned into hate. Seems to be stronger than your love for him was. Understand finally that socialism is evil because it can not work. Other peoples energy, money time socialism runs on runs out and than com misery, labor camps, jails, execution's, and it will still not work. With your honesty and intelligence you could do a lot more.

  4. Feel the burn Burns'….. Trump in a Landslide '2020' and corrupt the bone DEMS to the newly renamed camp Justice or Gitmo for those who do not know

  5. Jimmy, I want to know why do you think Bernie started a movement? Do you think it was all bullshit?? What was it about?? I know you believed in him as I did.. What happened Jimmy??

  6. Remember the time he said "now there are only two candidates left in the race" – erasing a woman who literally threw away her career in the DNC for him 4 years ago? Tulsi was still running. That's when I realised that the man is a fraud and a poser.

  7. I can't remember the exact quote, but you all know the one about insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

    Bernie, bro. Nothing is going to improve. Sleepy Joe will take his final nap. Kamala will take office, bathed in identity politics and meanwhile still no medicare for all, still no free college and still corporations will control America.

  8. bernie would have been smart to run third party in this election. Idiot. Not a fighter. No courage. That's why im here. Believe in me. I WOULD NEVER LET YOU DOWN. None of you. I care so much. I promise i would make you proud. Why can't you trust me, but you trust them, from time to time? Give me a shot, please! We all need it.