Bernie Turns Pro-War & Votes To Expand NATO

The United States Senate has voted 95-1-1 to approve the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO, further engorging the ever-growing “defensive” alliance – this despite the fact that NATO was formed as a pact among nations to protect one another from the Soviet Union, a country that hasn’t existed for more than 30 years. Even onetime peace activist Bernie Sanders voted in favor, showing that the Vermont Senator has essentially given up any semblance of independence and is a good Democrat who will never cross the party leadership on substantive matters.

Jimmy and his panel of The Dive’s Jackson Hinkle and America’s comedian Kurt Metzger discuss the ongoing “cucking” of Bernie Sanders as the so-called “progressive” left in the U.S. goes along with the saber-rattling and warmongering over Taiwan and Ukraine.

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  1. Peace and anti-war were traditionally against progressive sentiment. If you take one of the premeir progressives of ancient history, Julius Ceasar, not only was he all-in for aggressive expansion of land and resources; but he was an authoritarian autocrat as he reformed the Roman Republic into an Empire with himself as monarch. The idea that progressivism is against war or tyranny is a relatively novel deception.

  2. Of course he is he wrote a book about socialism and became a millionaire so he only criticizes billionaires but he wants to stop criticizing his friends so he bought some stocks probably with Paul's help so he can become a billionaire and either quit complaining or complain about poor people

  3. NATO didn’t start out with that purpose as the USSR not Russia was a real threat
    However as the military industrial complex grew America/NATO took up a slightly different position.
    This has especially been true since 1991

    Powerful Agencies do not give up power willingly

  4. Rose to show you when I'll never knew who Bernie really was until just now. I should say until he gave the election to Joe Biden when he could have easily won it himself. But clearly he didn't want to be president or else he would have been. As clearly he was beating the crap out of Joe Biden and he would have easily beaten Trump unlike Joe Biden who had to steal the election. Because the Democrats are the party of war and of cheating and lying to the public. It's crazy when the Republicans are more honest and Democrats are.

  5. The US made a nice place for the Kurds in northern Syria, next to the oil fields. Of course they'll need continued protection from the people who own the land, so the US will have to maintain a presence in the region.

  6. Didn't Bernie's wife break the law when she gambled on the real estate deal at the Vermont college she bankrupted – doesn't that keep him as compromised as the Epstein compromised – I think they have him over a barrel.

  7. If these Finland and Sweden think they’re are safe better remember that US is known for abandoning a country that don’t have anymore value example is Ukraine…..

    If war broke up I wish Russia just drop a nuclear bomb at Finland and Sweden to show that you don’t need soldier to attack Finland and Sweden….
    Just drop a nuclear bomb to Finland and Sweden then is done…..

    Russia is on alert of they’re nuclear bomb…..SARMAT for these Finland and Sweden…..

  8. Its like the people are suffering from Stockholm syndrome when it comes to these corrupt politicians. They get elected year after year only to repeat the abuse of the people.

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