Bernies Fans Have Kept the Promise Project Veritas Exposed Months Ago

They burned more than Milwaukee.

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  1. Something to do.

    I think that crime is going to soar in those Dem cities after this with the number of businesses that're going to go OUT of business or just flat out won't come back.

    The Youtuber That Some Guy (great btw) was in full on rant mode over big businesses leaving over this and putting people out of jobs and making getting essentials all the more difficult since people will have to travel farther.

  2. When this is all over, when Pres. Trump has been reelected and the economy is booming along wonderfully, Antifa is going to claim that they're responsible for the great economy because all the burning and looting the fermented led to so much reconstruction and repair.

  3. Jesus Christ Styx, I just watched this video a few days after a I watched a female YouTuber talking about this same damn thing. You are 100% correct! I live in MN and it's fucking bad as shit!
    Honestly, I think we should bring back true punishments for treason, have a few public square hanging's or beheadings, and maybe then these assholes will stop. Or we can ship them all to a little island, I'll call my cousin who's a Navy fighter pilot, and tell him to have a little oopsie!!

  4. Well said, Especially @5:35.
    Right after all the George Floyd protests/riots/happening kicked off I saw a lot of agitprop online in certain forums and attempts to goad people into taking up arms and 'defend' communities against the rioters. That's exactly what they want: right wing militias firing the first shot.
    Luckily, overwhelmingly the response from the users of these forums was, "why should we care, it's not our cities they're burning down" and "why should we, in 6 months you'll just be marching for the removal of our 2A rights" and "never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."

    Oh, and what's been happening recently is basically a modern day low-grade Kristallnacht. Funny how the authorities just look on, isn't it?

  5. It's being organized by more than just tiny groups of Antifa. Here is Brandon Darby talking in 2011 about shutting down terrorists from Minnesota before they could attack the Republican Convention in 2008 with molotov cocktails and such. Sound familiar? Infiltration not invasion.

  6. Lol Please !! PlEASE call out shoe on head with this. She's all mad that they called antifa a terrorist organization. "It's a slippery slope right?" She said lol.

  7. Once the police are gone, it will be vigilante justice, and passing "anti-lynching law's" won't matter. Maybe the true criminals will finally be held accountable for their crimes. Imagine if minapolis actually got rid of the police. The local government would be dragged into the streets and hung.

  8. Almost ALL crime, is crime of opportunity, it’s why soft targets are preferred. All anqueefa needs to do is execute on an meta opportunity (death of George Floyd), then create micro opportunities (smashing windows and planting bricks/bombs for people to use poor judgement on.

  9. Sorry… I agree with a lot of your content, but I feel this is nothing more than a gratuitous swipe at Bernie and his supporters. You act like Bernie supporters constitute the whole of DNC far left woke activists who are doing everything within their power to smear and destroy Donald Drumpf’s chances at a 2nd term.

    This is isn’t a “get back” at the DNC for not nominating Bernie. I obviously can’t speak for all Bernie supporters, but I’m one of the ones who were disappointed with the DNC. Disappointed but not surprised. In my opinion, the best retribution to the DNC for throwing Bernie under the bus would be a Drumpf 2nd term. I, as a Bernie supporter, have made peace with the fact that Donald Drumpf is getting a 2nd term. I can’t wait ‘till Donald Drumpf wins again so I can post sustained “I told you so”s on Facebook.

    I seriously can’t see this as coming from Bernie’s supporters, but from far leftists who are scrambling as Donald’s Re-Election Day approaches. They want to halt the system and won’t test until they’ve guilted everyone they possibly could into voting Biden.

    Don’t lay the blame for these riots at the feet of Bernie and his supporters when it’s basically the entire DNC who wants to make Donald looks bad so he could lose to that senile dotard Biden.

    In fact, I hope Drumpf wins. I can’t wait to see snowflakes throw their tantrums as 2016 repeats itself, as we Bernie supporters warned would happen. They will also lay the blame of their own loss on us again as they did then.

  10. 77 down votes are children with no career, but daddy (yer white privilege dentist) will get them out of trouble. I fucking wish we still had the draft. Pussies.

  11. excellent video. ever since I watched the james O'Keefe videos, I have suspected that the Bernie Bros have been the ones doing this. they are purposely burning down the Black run businesses in cities where people don't have the weapons. let these clowns try thus stuff in right wing suburbia. it won't end well for the rioters. i do think alot of Blacks are actually moving to the middle or the right because they too are tuning out the media and seeing what is actually going on in their neighborhoods.

  12. Strange but both Lenin and Hipler executed their brown shirts and black shirts as they were afraid the shirts like Antifa would turn on them as well! If the left get in Antifa etc… is done!

  13. Well they TRIED and FAILED in milwaukee; those fckn morons were met with plenty of strapped up normal people who won't allow that bullshit. One "protestor" tried to stab my dog. The leftards are nutz af.

  14. You bitch about facts. Well stick to them dammit. Blacks killed by police is not a frequent occurance. Last year it was 8. And 6 of them were attacking the cops. The year before was 31. Smarten up dude.