Bernie’s Surprising Take On Cancel Culture

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  1. if big tech is editing things and choosing what can and cannot be on their platform then they are publishers and therefore need to be treated as such. If they are just a platform, then they don't get to choose.

  2. Think of Twitter like a mall food court. Anyone can go there. You can say what you want at your own table. If people overhear you, not your problem. If you start harassing the table next to you, you get kicked out on the mall. Go smoke in the parking garage.

  3. Sorry Kyle, you can't equate free speech with laissez faire capitalism lol. The ex president violated the tos, Jan 6th was was a direct result of what happens when you don't enforce the limits on free speech as we usually do. (E.g. a literal insurrection, loss of life)

  4. Sorry but regulating speech and industrial waste with respects to private corporations is the dumbest comparison I've ever heard… surprised to hear Kyle say that to make a point.

    The Alex Jones example doesn't make sense either because his videos weren't unilaterally pulled so that no one could see them…he was yanked off social media but he still has his show and you can go to his site and see whatever you want. There's a big difference there.

  5. Bernie has become an enigma – a limp noodle castrado that ? enables the establishment agenda while being correct about he issues 90% of the time

  6. It's a very challenging issue with no clear cut solution. Allowing big tech to control speech like this is obviously not a good thing, but allowing the Government to be the determining authority of truth is far worse and the most anti 1st amendment stance imaginable. So where does that leave us? Either we maintain the status quo, or mandate that all speech platforms do not "censor" anyone – but how do we even define "censorship" with a one size fits all solution? Is deleting a spam message censorship? Is removing Nazi propoganda censorship? Is removing misinformation about a conspiracy theory leading to harassment censorship? What if the conspiracy theory is actually correct? Who gets to decide? Do we mandate democratic voting on all matters of removal appeals? If so, how do we do that? If there's million of instances every day, how do we keep up?

    I see no actionable path forward that is demonstrably better than the status quo. And the status quo is atrocious and gives far too much power to the wealthy elite. But identifying the problem alone does nothing to address it, and no ideas I've heard presented here or anywhere else would ever work as a policy at the volume that content is produced on a daily basis.

  7. freedom of speech with out free education is akin to giving everyone a gun and not requiring a safety class. freedom of speech by self is has no value.

  8. The establishment hated Bernie almost as much if as they hated Trump. If Bernie had won he would have gotten slandered by the media etc too and would have been forced to speak through Twitter like Trump did which would have led to big tech banning his Twitter.
    Bernie knows this.

  9. saying "real left view" for this issue is a misnomer, left and right are economic sides, whereas up and down are the social stances (on the political square), being in favor of free speech and condemning cancel culture is a "up vs down" issue, you can be left and authoritarian, that tends to communism, you can be left and liberal, that's called…liberalism (well…the nomenclature has a problem there with the overlapping of those names)

  10. Both Alternative Facts and Cancel Culture are extra destructive BECAUSE the People are now so powerless politically and economically.
    If the people get more economically independent, they will become way more ideologically independent, too.
    In a society the People control the means of Production, or at least have a strong say about distribution of wealth, the People won't fall for cons like Trickle Down Economics.

  11. Cancel Culture is a big deal to everyone because it instills fear in people's day to day social behavior. People don't care about wars and they're tired of the pandemic. But if you make them afraid to voice their opinions without backlash it's going to get their attention.

  12. I don't agree. Twitter isn't the public square. The internet is the public square. There are a thousand Twitter-like websites out there. Just go to a different website. Oh, but no. You just love Twitter so much because celebrities reTweet you sometimes. Who cares? You shouldn't take away a person's right to access the internet but if individual sites decide to ban you, that's fine.

  13. I mean in the end, private companies are free to regulate their platforms how they wish. Social media is powerful because people choose them. If you do not like what they're doing, deactivate your accounts and move on. You're not gonna stop cancel culture. Cancel culture is just a 21st century term for boycotting. It's never going to go away so I don't understand why people are freaking out about it.

  14. Yeah let them talk. Cancelling people is like the Streisand Effect. They'll be less famous and less people will listen to them if you just ignore them.

  15. All the crap comes out because there is absolutely NO channels for actual news, facts. Its all deflective and nonsensical theater within a society that has been intentionally dumbed down through the monied takeover of legislation over the last 50 years. Informed people are problematic for imperial empire. However, all sorts of people can write and disseminate fiction and sell it as reality…. not just US institutions' representatives.