Best evidence for lab leak theory | Jamie Metzl and Lex Fridman

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Jamie Metzl is an author specializing in topics of genetic engineering, biotechnology, and geopolitics.

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Written by Lex Clips


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  1. There is a very important distinction that is not being address , even in intelligent discussions like this one. The source of the pandemic being from a lab is one issue, the virus being created in a laboratory is another issue. These two are constantly combined into one discussion, there needs to be greater clarity about the difference between the two. In this case it ought to be simple to determine whether it occurred naturally if it can be identified in bats in nature. I’ve never seen this point addressed.

  2. There were nutcases claiming the virus was a Chinese weapon, etc. Those dumb conspiracies and the backlash drowned out all the folks raising the rational possibility of a WIV research lab leak. The WHO's and Dr Fauci's foolish pronouncements didn't help either.

  3. I am not sure why this is even being discussed? Dr. Chris Martenson provided all of this background, as well as an analysis of the gene sequence for the Sars-Cov-2 virus, back in 2020…..For some reason, people are still talking about this, and it is just a silly waste of time, as this information is already known.

  4. There is a very funny comedian in the UK about 20 years ago who jokes about the outbreak of Chickenpox right next door to the Chickenpox testing lab and its almost identical to the Unicorn analogy here. Sometimes I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

  5. Been telling people the whole time. It did not come from China. It was genetically engineered in a laboratory in North Carolina and then Wu Han was invited to participate for a whole variety of reasons, including using that as an excuse to blame it on China so the us could start a war with China among other objectives.
    And anybody who thinks there was an accidental leak as opposed to an intentional leak needs to wake up.

  6. This is total crap. Peter is a dangerous eugenic. To say he told a little white lie to protect the people is extremely ignorant and weak. He tried to cover it up because he knows the truth and needed to cover his ass and his friends ass. Lex is slipping. Weak question, weak answers

  7. To me, this conversation alludes to a hypothesis. The only problem is that China destroyed all the data for examining the hypothesis. This is similar to Trump suing to hide his taxes. If there is no data, there can be no conclusion. Looks like gain of function gone wrong, or maybe not.

  8. With due respect I havent watched Jamie Metzl entire 4 hr interview. Based on what Mr Metzl ( Ph.D in History) just said here. Im very disappointed he hasnt brought up Dr Michael Worobey's (Evolutionary Virologist) peer reviewed article in Science. This is a problem with people pushing this Wuhan lab theory. In spite of seemingly connected dots evidence. Much of it is conjecture. We must remember Wuhan is a city of 11 million people, a lot of room for all kinds of shit to happen. Dr Worobey uses geographic location to pinpoint origins of COVID illness. Surprise, it wasn't from the lab. Im not an expert, but I read. Lets have some balance when Metzl claims thats his best information?

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