Best Woke Meltdown of 2022 | Woke SJW Cringe Compilation

You Cringe You Lose. Go. #Woke #cringe #compilation

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Written by Zeducation


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  1. Can she play Vivaldi's four seasons though? Or any number by Mozart? I mean, if she can and thinks that any of them were easily learned, then cool, she can say what she wants, but until then, she doesn't know shit.

  2. The funniest part is when my dude goes
    Brother your full stache just got you taken for a woman…
    Watch his whole demeanor change on a whim, he's just a big sissy boy who likes to manipulate. Sissies don't have much but manipulation.

  3. SAVE OTHERS FROM YOU Starbucks boy. Quit!
    He became a "barrista" at THE Starbucks, not a coffee guy in a shitty franchise… SUPRISE MOTHAFUCKA: TV lies, your ideology is a sect and you have no useful skills.

  4. -I agree, airplanes are racist, so are those who drive them, so we should ban them all yesterday.
    -In the kid's defense, he's just a student… which is almost a full time shift, plus add in almost a half adult work week, I wished people were more empathetic towards youngsters trying to get ahead, many should take notes. Fast food is what it is, maybe it's not for you buddy, try Walmart.

  5. Starbucks boy is a perfect example of what happens when you raise a boy as a girl. What an f'ing wuss. He absolutely doesn't ever get a 'MAN" card. Someone should take him out hunting, and let him wear the fuzzy brown jacket…….

  6. I'm disabled and I work all the hours god sends,I was raised with the "tough it up " attitude,raised by a single mum who taught me the world ain't fair and I'm not the centre of it..which luckily has made me a resilient,resourceful adult,where it takes a lot to offend me..

  7. The Starbucks crybaby KILLS me. I was going to school with a full load, working 9pm -7am at a Waffle House EVERY night, plus picking up side shifts at a Wendy's. Paying my bills, passing my classes and STILL finding time to sleep and gasp party. Grow up.

  8. "A mostly white workforce, visitation threatens parks' survival and public health" So, are they trying to tell us the lack of POCs going/working there is the problem? … Seems like they're blaming POCs for not going/working there, to me. Racist! xD

  9. @Zeducation
    Let’s talk about the TRUE point of contention. THE STACHE IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY. IT GOTZ TA GOOOOO! I’m an intolerant bigot against molestachios Tyler. 🤮🤢🤮😉🥴🤡

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