Better Off Out: Rejoin EU Support COLLAPSES

Darren Grimes on a damning YouGov poll for Brussels.

Written by Reasoned


  1. People of finally waking up and seeing the EU for what they really are .I've seen this myself with remainers that i know .

  2. The EU unelected politicians do not give a darn about the UK. In fact they are trying their best to destroy our chances for getting on in the world without THEM. Why would anybody want to rejoin such a malicious, spiteful, vindictive and dishonest group. Their unelected Commission just want power and, it seems, marxist control of the people. Thank goodness we are out. Thank you Mr. Farage for initialising our exit.

  3. The eu has done the work itself, of proving to the doubters of Brexit that it was the overwhelmingly correct thing to do………….and we are sooooooo glad we did !!!! ?

  4. I'm glad they didn't but part of me wishes they had gone ahead with the Irish border. That surely would have brought about the complete collapse of the the EU… Forever!

  5. What a total clown. This current cabal of crooks and thieves in Westminster have lies and cheated the people of this country. Pestfix (untested & unused coveralls) £32m, various private companies (unused coveralls) £687m, various companies (inaccurate antibody tests) £75m, DHSC (Salford testing trial forced to scale back) £500m, Randox Labs (unsafe test kits) £133m Amanda Capital (unsuitable face masks) £150m, Serco (broken track & trace) £180m, Sitel (broken tracing system) £84m, NHSX (Abandoned contact trace app) £11.8bn, Various ( cancelled ventilator challenge) £454m, Various (useless antibody tests) £16m, TAEG energy (hand sanitiser firm -dormant) £43.8m, Edenred (Delayed school meal vouchers) £234m, Computacenter (failed on computers for disadvantaged pupils) £60m, Pulic First (opinion research) £956,000, Treasury (job retention bonus) £2.6bn, Dept of International Trade (Luxury trade negotiation) £700,000, Get ready for Brexit adverts £13.8m, DUP £1bn, No-deal preparations £8bn, divorce settlement £30.2bn and this is just the tip of the iceberg but glad we have taken back control vast corruption, becoming and international pariah state and wrecking our economy, international standing and more than 120,000 people dead. Before spouting you lies and dogma go and research first!

  6. Darron thank you for the truth. It would be utter madness to think of rejoining the E U those country’s we thought we’re friends are really only self inerested. So when did independent nation’s ever want to seed power to an unelected, undemocratic, entity?.

  7. The EU have dreams of becoming a superpower, their goal is to pose a threat to Russia. The trouble is, the EU is just a glorified shopping channel with delusions of grandeur!

  8. 'Australian cousins' eh? Beauty!!! Once travel is given the all clear, this Aussie cousin looks forward staying with my British cousins & having a holiday on your wonderful green Isle.
    Okay, okay on 1/2 kidding. Seriously love my UK mates & look forward to visiting again asap to enjoy your culture & banter. All the very best with your efforts in breaking free of the EU octopus. I firmly believe you will get there in time & enjoy a rosy future.

  9. We have really upset the EU by leaving and they are being as difficult and awkward as they can be towards us. It would have been so much more beneficial to the EU and the UK if this had been more amicable and friendly. EU bureaucrats have made a mistake upsetting the British public

  10. Jon Danzig "reasons2rejoin" Facebook page is void of any actual content to support rejoining now it's simply turned into an anti government page, I bet remoaners thought after we left they would be able to control the narrative and prove leaving was a bad choice. ?? Instead they have gone quiet and faded away.

  11. One of the things I find odd is the fact that the UK has sent British troops to directly support French troops in Mali in fighting the growing terrorism in that country…while Macron and his Brussels cronies continue to knife the UK in the back over Brexit.

  12. The problem is Darren we are struggling to take back the control we voted for as the EU still has it's sticky fingers in parts of our pie. ie the NI protocol fishing and the constant threats of legal action or of course the other Biggy not ratifying the trade agreement.

  13. May I remind you Darren, the geologists have found out, that Blighty, our very own piece of Hades, the British Isles, is where the oldest rocks are to be found in Hades. "I say, this is where it all began, and this is where it will damn well end! Ms Murky and Ms You can Leyen only over there, but definitely not, over here Thankyou".

  14. Inescapable conclusion: the EU is a vile organisation, increasingly authoritarian. Meanwhile our exports to the RoW grow at a fast pace, whilst those to the EU stagnate. Better off out.