Beware: How “Relative Risk Reduction” exaggerates Medical Study results…

Here is a basic explainer about to crucial concepts to know about when looking at any medical research study results: Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) versus Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR)

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Written by Dr. Suneel Dhand


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  1. If I were to tell you that the moon was made out of cheese, would you believe that? Of course not. But now, if I tell you it's made out of sand….

    You: Maybe.

    Me: If I tell you I know for sure?

    You: Then I would believe you.

    Me: So you now know that the moon is made out of sand?

    You: Yes.

    Me: But it isn't.

    You: I only said I knew because you said you knew.

    Me: I lied.

    Me: Knowledge isn't truth. It's just mindless agreement. You agree with me. I agree with someone else. We all have knowledge. We haven't come any closer to the truth of the moon.

    You can never understand anything by agreeing… by making definitions. Only by turning over the possibilities. That's called thinking. If I say I know, I stop thinking. As long as I keep thinking, I come to understand. That way, I might approach some truth.

    Me: That's the best conversation you ever had.

    You: Is it over?

    Me: You think it had better be.

  2. When I tried to explain the difference between relative and absolute risk reduction on a covid forum and it's significance in evaluating the effectiveness and more importantly the necessity of the vaccines I was vilified and called a conspiracy theorist. I despair at how utterly brainwashed most people. are and the futility of trying to enlighten them.

  3. Sensible voices have been screaming this into the void for two years. The vaccines efficacy was sold to the public using the RRR which was high. The ARR was very low and could never have passed the FDA threshold.

  4. This is how the drug companies got millions on statins. 99 have to take them before 1 (one) patient gets any help at all. They are a harmful con—as is the entire cholesterol causing heart disease fallacy. I’ve known this for years.

  5. I love the robotic repeating of a statistical reduction without swaying which is exactly what we are seeing in some these days. It shameful how so many ppl were duped….and harmed and then on top of that gaslighted to believe they weren't.

  6. There are "lies, damned lies and statistics". Since the beginning of the current enforced treatment protocols the daya shared have always indicated, to those with training in statistical analysis, that the claims made were done in a manner to manipulate people to a certain behavioural outcome. This has all been a dumpster fire at all levels.

  7. Fraud runs rampant in science these days. There is enormous pressure for researchers to publish papers in peer reviewed journals. The peer reviewed journals get paid big bucks to publish submitted papers, thereby setting up a direct conflict of interest. When I was at university I assisted my professors in a study they were conducting and witnessed them first hand committing fraud with their methodology. They were looking for a certain outcome before they even began the study and made sure they got the outcome they wanted. In science these days there are very few replication studies ever done to confirm the results of prior studies. Everyone just wants to publish the studies with the new latest and greatest attention grabbing title. Of the few replication studies that have been done there has been an upwards of 40% rate of not being able to replicate the results of prior studies.

    I have many times read the abstract of a study and it's conclusions, and then read the full text of the study only to discover it was full of methodological errors or the raw data didn't support the conclusions, or both. I believe science as a method of inquiry is wonderful but these days all too often that's not how it's being used. It's not science that is the problem, but scientists.

  8. Here's a real study involving Atorvastatin, the component of the study unaffected went from 99% to 98.64% in the control study. This was reported as a reduction in CHD death by 36% in the statin group. In reality, it was barely perceptible and almost a rounding error.

  9. Thank you doc. RRR really only matters to scientists comparing studies. But what matters to people is the ARR and total number to treat. RRR is aka "efficacy" this buzzword gets thrown around to coerce people. It's very deceptive imo. The public really should know all of the facts

  10. I saw a video by a guy named Dr Ron Brown on this very topic about 6 months into the 'demic, & haven't heard much about it from anyone since. I'm happy to see it being talked about more, not many 'laymen' are familiar with the term at least in my experience, & msm certainly won't be enlightening people to the concept.

  11. The practice of medicine is obviously going in the wrong direction. People are just becoming sicker and being artificially kept alive. Look at the increase in the obesity rate and the increase in the use of pharmaceuticals.

  12. Critical thinking and statistics should be compulsory subjects for all schoolchildren. We would then be able to see through the lies of government and the authorities. But they won't be made compulsory, because we would then be able to see through the lies of government and the authorities.

  13. Agree
    I'm a c O v I D Nurse. I've had it twice. Last positive was nearly 2 years ago. Still NO smell or taste. Also have a very very Swollen Abdomen. They stated c O v I d intestines. Well WTF. They have NO clue what to do. My abdomen looks 9 months preggo at times then goes down a bit. Still to this day NO answers. No Dr I've seen knows what do to or say. I can even take a big bite of Wasabe an only makes my eyes water just No taste. My smell comes an goes about 10% So safe to say I have permanent nerve damage.

  14. Why do I get the feeling you are giving an example of Pfizer’s studies concerning Covid “vaccines”. Wink wink. Good way to get this very important point across without getting censored by the corrupted social media giants currently controlling the public narrative.

  15. So the Absolute Risk Reduction of the Phizer vaccine, now I’m using the numbers from Phizer is .08%.

    Now, the FDA always asked for the ARR, but in this instance they were content with the RRR.

    From the government data here in Canada, the Covid shots are doing more damage than any good.

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