Beware: Scams Robbed Australians Of More Than $2bn Last Year!

The ACCC’s latest Scamwatch report makes concerning reading, especially the growth in investment and online scams.

Please be careful people, and ignore those “get rich quick” messages across social media and online channels. If it is too good to be true, its a scam.

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Caveat Emptor! Note: this is NOT financial or property advice!!

Written by Walk The World


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  1. And the Australian government robbed us of $ 1 trillion dollars through bad policy and obscene mismanagement and corruption. Government size should be limited to 10% of GDP.

    History has shown that when governments limit their size to 10% of GDP those countries have performed at their peak in wealth creation for citizens (not just corporations) and consistently lifted people out of poverty.

    Great Britain's government at its peak was only 11% of GDP, until Socialism reared its ugly head in Britain and look where they have ended up today. America and Australia are on a similarly destructive trajectory with our children being indoctrinated in Marxism and destructive neo-liberalism. The rot and decay has set in.

  2. The whole system nowadays is designed to fleece you of your money.
    The balance of life is heavily focused on you working to death so you have no time to do your own due diligence.
    Yet the majority still have no idea.
    Lessons from the past die with those that lived in the past, hence it takes government 1 generation to change mindsets fit for their purpose

  3. I've been dealing with a scammer
    who's been watering down the value of my savings
    while lieing about the real rate of inflation

    Now where do i report this scam
    so prosecution can take place ?

  4. Martin North talking about scams….
    And he's just been on Alex Saunders' YouTube channel!!!!!!
    Martin, you should be ashamed of yourself, enabling Saunders to again be a public voice.

  5. Great service Mr. Martin…had a call just this afternoon. Get them 3 to a week. My home network was infected and using way to much bandwidth..I said to Sam I would look into it and update my Internet Security and …hung up. Enjoy Victoria Sam and thanks for your foreign call…?…Dickhead!

  6. You want scams … How much money was paid to Qantas as it putoff staff and used the money to buyback shares, causing a share price rise and triggering a bonus payment to Joyce and the board? This scam was repeated many times over as Scum-oh and Friedenberg made obscene , unearned, profits for their business mates. And as return for the taxpayers money the cost of everything, including airfares, has sky-rocketed. Where's that ICAC with , hopefully ,obscene and retrospective powers? I want Scum-oh, Friedenberg, Joyce etc in GAOL … Time to drain the billabong.

  7. I reported many scams and no 1 has taken any action! The police wont act til u lose money and even then they imprison the Aussie Cossak for free speech instead of these leeches!!
    ASIC will tell u sorry but we cant get ur money back FFS!
    They need to get rid of VPN and have all emails registered so they can track theses imbeciles!
    I wouldnt be surprised if the police, the gov and ASIC are involved in these scams the way they're so lax on the issue.

  8. I got a message on my mobile phone saying I'd missed a parcel delivery from Australia post. Despite not having ordered anything recently, without thinking, I filled in my cc details to pay the $1.99 're-delivery' fee. Then after feeling the transaction was a bit suspect I googled "do Australia Post charge $1.99 for re-delivery???" I hadn't heard of such a thing but thought it might be some new thing they introduced without me knowing. The first result that came up was that the $1.99 charge was indeed a scam, and I had just given my full details and cc info to them. (doh!) I immediately contacted my bank and fortunately they were able to cancel my card before anyone had tried to use it. Now I'm waiting for a new cc. Most banks have a 'fraud assist' number, or you simply state fraud assist as the reason for calling and you'll get put through to the right dept.

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