‘Beyond doubt’ there was an ‘incident’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology

Sky News host Sharri Markson says there is so much evidence that it is “beyond doubt” there was an incident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Ms Markson spent over a year investigating the possibility COVID-19 was leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.

Her ‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’ documentary on Sky News Australia uncovered evidence a leak from the lab first occurred in September, 2019.

“I’ve looked at it as two key parts to investigate,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“One, you speak to the scientists about the unusual features of the virus itself.

“And then the other part is, what was happening in Wuhan? What was the Wuhan Institute of Virology doing at that time?

“There’s just so much evidence that we’ve been able to uncover over the past few months as part of this investigation that it really is beyond doubt there was an incident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.”

‘What Really Happened in Wuhan’ is available to stream on demand exclusively on Foxtel.


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  1. I thought so viruses were spliced in other coronaviruses to make it resistant I had a feeling it was circulating way back in mid 2019.Fauci didn't tell any one and they blaimed it on President Trump tired of the lies from CDC and who and dr faucie sometimes you wonder if they even have a conscience don't think so this is just my opinion

  2. You're right we knew all about this long before it ever became an issue. And they decided to use this to their advantage to change the outcome of the election at the expense of hundreds of thousands of people's lives that's how desperate they are for their One world government

  3. China fooling US through the aid of Fauci. .Usingthe fund's coming from US! The funds stopped by Trump when he found out!! Democrats were so critical of Trump's administration . This lab should have been blown out! Good research. Sen mConnell and his Chinese wife who was employed in white house were up and arms. The infiltration of CCP to US government for many years! The wife of Mconnel is a daughter of Chinese shipping tycoon ,a member of the communist party! Plus The Swallwell chinese affairs etc.Hunter Biden's affair. Trump was right all along!!

  4. I am not exactly sure why you are completely over looking everything that the US did. From creating, to experiments, to moving to wuhan to hide what they were up to. There were PCR shipping orders all over the US in 2018. The US did this with some help from China.

  5. SHERRI, We The American Patriots love you Momma… 😘😘😘😘😘🌹🌹🌹🌹
    The Central Country, Makes Everything
    From Shoes and pants to Viruses and Pandemics, Diseases Despairesences, to the complete removal of Human rights

  6. I think the lesson here is that tyranny is the co-author of this disaster yet we react by embracing more tyranny as fast as we can. Humanity needs to take a good hard look at itself.

  7. Why the USA Media don't want to discuss this subject about Wuhan Leak. It's obvious. USA culpability in its actions at the Wuhan lab that contributed to the coronavirus leak to the world creating the pandemia worldwide. Most likely China has some blame but not all of it.

  8. The West trains nuclear physicist Khan and he goes and builds A bombs for N. Korea and Pakistan. The West trains Dr. Shi and France builds a super lab then China tweaks a virus into a superweapon. When is the West going to learn. Do not accept students from overseas and train them in military transferrable programs.

  9. So why do all of these reports & reporters say it's AMERICA'S fault for not doing this or that. The whole country is NOT to blame for what a few have done. Why not say it's an American person's fault?? I'm so tired of the whole world expecting us to police, help and bail out other countries and then blaming us for things that are not our fault? It's getting to the point that maybe we should build a wall around our entire country and keep EVERYONE else out. You better all watch out with what you say or in years down the road, it could come back to bite you in the @$$ just like the Russian collusion has done to Hillary Clinton and her cronies! How do YOU know that some of the info YOU are using isn't just as bogus as that was??

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