Beyond reproach, beyond question (Julie Ponesse & Bret Weinstein)

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Bret speaks with Dr. Julie Ponesse who saw her academic career of 20 years fall apart after she refused to comply with a Canadian university’s COVID vaccine mandate.

Dr. Julie Ponesse has a PhD in Philosophy with areas of specialization in ethics and ancient philosophy, a Masters in Philosophy with Collaborative Specialization in Bioethics from the University of Toronto, and a Diploma in Ethics from the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University.

Since then, Dr. Ponesse has joined The Democracy Fund as the Pandemic Ethics Scholar focussing on educating the public on civil liberties and has recently released her new book My Choice: The Ethics Case Against Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates.

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  1. A few days ago, a friend of mine (who is a reputable engineer) claimed that climate change “is beyond question”. I had to respond by saying that phrases like that are dogma not science and should automatically spark alternative opinions and research. We could not agree. Science and the scientific method are being eradicated.


    They don’t think like me.

    I have come to accept they cannot see or hear

    That which I do with absolute clarity.

    They have eyes and ears like me.

    So why is it their brains, so informed, default

    To arrogant ignorance in line with the political hierarchy?

    There are others like me.

    Some who will speak and others who remain silent,

    Living in fear of excommunication for their heresy

    Did you see or hear the latest science today?

    The science that supports natural immunity?

    Speak up….what is that?

    You who cannot bear to accept the truths that we say.

    We think like us.

    Those, fearing reprisals, who have yet not,

    Will, soon enough.

    Paul Geddes ©


  3. At its essence, science is, "Ask a question and then find the answer." That is where the scientific method came from. A means to test and observe our world, through questioning our world. Our most recent devolution was anything but science. Someone out there has an agenda and I will not engage in that agenda.

  4. Julie, the ruling class is simply using science as a bludgeoning tool to get us to obey, and simply as public relations for their agenda. (Think Edward Bernays- “Propaganda”).

    The Ruling class are losing control, and they’ve shown that they will go to new and extraordinary lengths, and adapt new tools to keep control and science is one of those.

    Francis Collins and Anthony Fauci were exposed by a whistleblower ie their conspiracy in emails to discredit and organise a media takedown of the great Barrington declaration- is a case in point.

  5. She's talking about the Thomas Jefferson question: What is at the top of your worldview; while at the same time being at the base. She is correct when she says people want to call it "perfection." What people are missing is that it has a name: Jesus. If the system is not built on the worldview that comes from the new testament, which puts honor, honesty, and integrity before ALL money, fame, etc. we'll be wasting our time…and actually hurting people. The Galileo example is a twisting of the truth actually. Galileo didn't question God. He questioned a powerful group of men that financially benefited from their man-made system. The papacy. The catholic "church." Just a group of businessmen manipulating people through fear and threats. Kinda like a drug company does! God, and Jesus, are more than happy to be questioned and to answer.

  6. It is never beyond questions. regarding some things, the answer is sufficiently clear that the only people questioning are total fools. (water is wet) (politicians lie) (big pharma is in the business of making money, not increasing health.)

  7. In the middle ages everything was answered by the church and if you questioned the church you were being blasphemes and could be put to death. Just substitute science/state for church and we haven't progressed at all.

  8. I like to comment about science and all that but they think the video was a little bit too short we need to elaborate more on what was said to basically get a better understanding and why science they say is what they're going by but we know better cuz they're going by what we want to do this topic should be covered a little bit more cuz it's not fitting their agenda and we know it thank you keep the good work up

  9. It is no longer science when the biological underpinnings of western medicine and vaccinology are incorrect. Perhaps it is time for a paradigm change

  10. Julie and Bret, trusting souls like you and me were told vaccines are totally safe, totally work, and have no side effects..My chef knows and can name every ingredient in my soup…My doctor cannot name even 1 ingredient in my vaccines…I am an M.D. from Florida,USA..Sadly, my colleagues, and media, and politicians stopped questioning vaccines years ago.

    Facial diapers and the Mask dictators and this mask propaganda and Pfizer and vaccines and boosters have failed…

    Pediatricians get paid with a kickback from the HMOs for vaccinating your kids..Did Pfizer lie???..Cheat???…Hide the problems???.. Did (y)our FDA and CDC and Fauci????….

    Remind Pfizer or Mr.Science of the facts or prove me wrong….I have natural immunity now ..

    I am NOT vaccinated and Not contagious..Like Queen Elizabeth, Pres. Trump, and over 3 Billion people, I have Lifetime Immunity…

    I got COVID this year for 2 days and was cured in 2 days with Zinc, Vitamin C & D, and the Nobel Prize-winning medicine from the M.D. , known as the Joe Rogan "I" Pills"…

    I am an M.D. that treats Covid patients…Fauci has not treated patients in almost 40 years…Fauci has 1 order= take vaccines and then boosters forever..The Chinese ALPHA (SARS-CoV2) evolved over 2 years into DELTA which evolved into "OMICRON", a benign childhood common cold for most of the world…

    Vaccines against ALPHA do not work…Masks do not work…Spreading 6 ft. apart does not work..In over 400 TV interviews Fauci has not told us how to improve our immune system..

    I got Covid in 2021 and was cured in less than 3 days with the legal human pills ordered by my M.D. that won the NOBEL PRIZE and has been safely taken for over 20 years by over 4 Billion people..I immediately recovered my taste and smell with ZINC..

    I worked at Tuskeegee treating the survivors after the US Nuremberg experiments were revealed..I am an M.D and have more vaccine facts for your viewers/supporters…


    My mother was an R.N…She was Head Nurse for the ER …She voted in every election…She went to every PTA meeting for the 5 of us..She stopped giving vaccines when she saw the reactions..She would not trust or believe the Chinese or W.H.O. or Fauci..

    My sister was an charge of the Vaccination Department for the County Health Dept. She and her staff gave 100,000's of vaccines and then quit when she saw the reactions…She would not believe or trust China or W.H.O. or Fauci.

    My wife was an R.N. and she did not believe Fauci either..

    My 2 brothers were M.D.'s= OB-GYNs bringing life into the world and they did not believe Fauci and stopped giving vaccines when they saw the reactions..

    I am also an M.D. and my children, mother, and brother have had these reactions with prior vaccines..I will not discuss my side effects..I work on the front line treating patients face-to-face but did not take the COVID mRNA vaccines…

    In 2021 I got COVID and I was cured with 'SPIvermectin' ($18).- Now I am now blocked from FDA & CDC & CNN & Facebook–What did I say–"Research what FAUCI says…Research what I say."I am seeing co-workers, friends, and patients with COVID vaccine side effects…

    COVID vaccines are not what we were promised.

    Did you ever wonder why Fauci has never told us how to improve our immune system in 450 TV interviews?

    I wish we had mandatory Vitamin C and vitamin D and Zinc and SPIvermectin, being considered by the politicians instead of mandatory, forced vaccines and boosters forever and mandatory mask mandates that are planned…

    Fauci funded Gain of Function GMO mutant, lethal viruses and Paid to torture baby puppies..

    Don’t be me. I am an M.D. but let me tell you what parents, politicians, teachers, neighbors, the media, and even doctors didn’t know.. We did not know that Vaccines had not been tested…We did not know the ingredients of vaccines. We did not know enough to research vaccines before vaccinating my own children..

    We did not know that vaccines were given a blanket indemnity from liability in 1986 (they cannot be sued)..We did not know that we gave more vaccines than any other country…We did not know that we are the only country that gives newborn babies Hepatitis B vaccines ( against a sexually transmitted disease) on the 1st day of life..

    We did not know that the US has the highest rate of SIDS in the industrialized world on the 2nd day of life… We did not know that we had more autism than any other country..We did not know that Vaccines could injure an infant's brain (encephalitis) ..

    We did not know that vaccines can result in autoimmunity and neurological damage..We did not know that the much-ballyhooed fallacy of ''herd immunity'' does NOT apply to vaccines and is a myth created by the CDC and by Merck Vaccine Company for the media to tell us is the reason to get vaccines..

    We did not know that Vaccines have almost NO effect after about four years and the new COVID vaccine only lasts 4 months..We did not know that more college students are getting mumps and measles because they have no protection from these childhood illnesses from their vaccines….

    We did not know that the measles vaccine only comes in the MMR now but the single version of just the measles vaccine was safer and not causing autism..We did not know that Dr.Wakefield was proven to be right…

    We did not know that when adults get their DPT vaccines to visit their grandchildren that the "P" pertussis = whooping cough infection is actually still alive in them then and they are then contagious like "Typhoid Mary'', and these adults are actually carrying the infection and then spreading pertussis=whooping cough…

    We did not know how emotional the topic would be and how angry people would be at me for just asking questions about Vaccine Safety..I did not know that pediatricians do not even know the vaccine ingredients, like mercury, aluminum, and Human DNA and neurotoxic aluminum molecules and glyphosate…We did not know that pediatricians were paid a ''kick-back'' to give vaccines.

    We did not know there was a law to report vaccine reactions but almost zero pediatricians know that and about zero vaccine reactions are ever reported.We did not know it was called VAERS (look it up)…I did not know that there is a "Vaccine Court" that doles out money to vaccine victims…I did not know that it has already paid out over $$$ 4 Billion dollars ..

    We did not know that the CDC owned the Patents on vaccines and earned billions of dollars a year selling vaccines worldwide.We did not know that the US government promised countries financial aid only if they ordered their people to take the CDC's vaccines and the US CDC now controls the W.H.O. and the vaccine makers now control the CDC..WTH!!..

    I did not know how angry at myself I would be for not knowing..We did not know that the CDC committed fraud…We did not know that it would take a CDC whistleblower to discover the CDC fraud…

    We did not know that Merck committed fraud repeatedly…

    I bet you did not know that the mercury and aluminum in vaccines is connected to brain inflammation and brain inflammation is connected to autism and connected to my mother's Alzheimer's (everyone's Alzheimer's) ..I did not know that a flu vaccine could kill you like it killed my brother by causing Guillain-Barre Paralysis..

    We did not know how much mainstream media would censor the independent research.. I did not know it would take me so many years to wake up…

    We did not know how fast and furious the vaccine makers would be to smear excellent doctors and researchers that showed unsafe side-effects, just like what happened when Vioxx and Thalidomide and DDT and cigarettes were questioned..

    We did not know that the CDC has never studied a group that is divided into a ''vaccinated group'' and compared them to an ''unvaccinated group''..We did not know that every other independent researcher who has done the comparison between those 2 groups has shown that the UN-vaccinated group is healthier and the VAXinated group has many times more asthma, SIDS, auto-immune diseases, ADD, ADHD, autism, chronic rashes, deadly allergic reactions to peanuts, milk, beef, latex, etc. and their parents need to carry Epi-Pens..

    We did not know that the Vaccine researchers studied African children and found that the children there who GOT vaccinated, especially with the CDC's DPT vaccine were 5 times (Yes, five times) for likely to die before the age of 5.

    We did not know that the doctors on every news show who are the vaccine maker's mouthpieces were actually getting millions from the vaccine profits and were never questioned or exposed .

    Prove me wrong

  11. Science is never 100% established in anything. If physics was established then Einstein would not have discovered relativity. Tesla would have never invented AC power. Science is always growing and evolving because by nature scientific method is systematically asking questions and trying to prove them. That is what science is. If something becomes dogma then it is no longer science it is belief

  12. This monologue is perplexing. It seems Ms. Ponesse is speaking ironically. Or is she wholeheartedly playing the role of Humpty Dumpty, before the great fall from the great Wall?

  13. "Saw her career fall apart after refusing the vax"……uh….no. Certain people actively ended her career using baseless "science" and politics.

  14. Anyone notice there may be a polio outbreak in Israel/Palestine? Apparently two cases so far. I am old enough to remember polio, a poor girl in my neighborhood was in an iron lung. We all got polio vaccines…do they still give school children polio vaccines?

  15. 01:00 Questions to Julie Ponesse – and I guess Bret Weinstein too:

    1. Do you know the comedian Al Franken?
    2. Do you work for the CIA or any similar intelligence or security service?

    The more you try, the more evidence you leave behind. I even have a partial stream switch from Artist Taxidriver. 🙂

    These are the benefits of being on a watchlist.

  16. I am a Veterinarian who thinks “inside” and “outside” of the traditionally accepted systematical “box”. I think it essential for foundational awareness and personal enlightenment to transcend both realms and balance each w the other on a persistent basis. Unfortunately, what I have seen throughout my lifetime and career is that the systems (Veterinary Medicine, Human Medicine, Education, etc.,) always eventually morph into a collective and/or institution driven by the accumulation of money and power via malignant pseudo-leaders. These pseudo-leaders and their bastardized agendas are enabled by the compliant groupthink minions who choose the easier path of blind congressional obedience to them (and the established system) than becoming a non-collective, non-compliant, upholding truth to power in deed and word, individual entity.

  17. When they said follow the science, what science did they mean? Because science that is beyond reproach, is not science, but propaganda. That's not mine, just something I've heard that makes perfect sense to me.

  18. I'm disappointed to hear Julie suggest (and Brett agree) that there might, even theoretically, be a situation where mandates could be appropriate. Surely the ethics of bodily autonomy apply in all situations or else the whole idea of bodily autonomy becomes meaningless. (This point was brought up in the full episode on Spotify.)

  19. No secret here: of course the socialist usurpers of academia would redefine "science" into an unquestionable dogma that underpins their socialist justice agenda. The socialist censorship and agitprop machine has made it very clear that true science and freedom of speech are as anathema to the woke view of the world as they were to previous versions of socialism.

  20. ‘Twas a very thoughtful and in-depth discussion .
    But my question is “ When are we going to kick this pit bull in the balls , to get it to release it’s locked jaw on humanity ? And then spear it to the ground ?”
    Time may be of the essence in this regard

  21. I just watched the full episode on Spotify. What a wonderful conversation. I found Dr. Ponessi an incredible human being. What better person to talk about ethics. Congrats for this podcast

  22. When I was a twinkle in my dad's eye being forged in the jungles of Vietnam I learned a lifelong lesson. Never trust the government. Nowadays corporations are the government. Stop your yapping and get to prepping. Go Amish or go home

  23. Science has become what evolution – a theory – once was.

    Evolution was a theory that has been pushed and stamped into, "fact", while science was/is lots of hypothesis that has now been pushed and stamped into, "law".

    Neither will remain as such until Infinity.

  24. ONLY commercial manufacturing is true science today. All others are based on faulty foundations. Medical, Cosmology, Evolution, Space Exploration, Earth Sciences, Geology and more…all zero foundations based on the three pillars of science: 1) observable. 2) Testable. 3) Repeatable.

  25. A true scientist will explain the positive AND the negative results of an observable, testable and repeatable experiment. All others are preaching religious dogma,, or a scientism belief system of philosophical world views.

  26. I think it's important to observe that when the press, government, and their "followers" talked about "science", they meant just government, pharma, and WHO. The government "science" is whatever FDA/CDC/NIH say.
    Later we saw that, even if WHO indicated something different, the other two remained "the science", keeping the system in a kind of denial, and most of society.

  27. Truth. Is this not what the Bible speaks of when it says they will “worship” the beast? That the world has accepted a new religion of “scientism” that cannot be questioned.

  28. “Reproach” is a term for beings with moral capacity, like humans. Science isn’t a being, it’s a collection of observations. A scien*tist* can be reproached if he acts in a moral repugnant way.

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