Bezos CAUGHT Giving $100 Million To Obama’s ‘Fake’ Library | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar cover the $100 million donation made by Jeff Bezos to the presidential library of Barack Obama which is being funded by private donations instead of taxpayer dollars

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  1. Stop, stop, stop and wake your head up..
    I'm just going to leave this here as well.
    Good luck folks..

    When most people speak in this world, all I hear is "I lift things up..and then I put them back down"..

    I think we're discussing topics and conversations that go right over most people's head.. Let's start somewhere in logical explanation first.  

    "Forcing the woke mob " ???

    When we come to realize we're but one of billions floating around a master star system with opinion,  belief and assumption, then we realize why doing our homework is important going forward.  To be "competent"

    If we wanna wake up.. then we must come to learn these words.  


    Accountability (water)
    Competence (air)
    Integrity (fire)
    Understanding (earth)
    Charge (El)

    Water 💧 Shipping/banking
    Like depth/debt, money/mooneye, finance/fin-n-sea,  currency/current sea. 

    Air ☁️ media,  on air, live on air.. communication… (water+fire)..

    Fire 🔥worship/warship.. Chariot of fire.   To fire on enemies in love & war

    Earth 🌴 mining/ agriculture..
    Greenhouse/green thumb, roots and foundations..
    (Fire + water)

    Charge ⚡ Authority,  power, to charge the masses for extracting power.  
    To use your charge to deliver your power In electricity/elements
    Spiritual social atmosphere matters
    Physical soul atmosphere matters
    (Air + earth )

    Get it?
    Master/mass star
    Minister/mini star

    Matriarch/Patriarch umbrella theater..

    "Foolin with Thunder
    Everytime we start "

    "Dragon reign/rain" (1983)

  2. So Bezos is Buying Consultancy and good Word from Obama, tips on how to be popular and good word to their friends so he get famous whata Loooser / those 100 millions should be gone to AMZ employees.

  3. Obama and Clinton were the most corrupt Administration ever. Destroying the American way of justice. I admit it wasn't prefect before, but the greed was feed through them. God Bless America !

  4. These 'men' are in control of a lot of evil happening in the world today, where their rewards are. They forget that time on earth is limited. God is watching.


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  6. I find it difficult to listen when at one point reveal the corruption of Obama and his “library” but paying homage to the previous extremely corrupt Presidents and their libraries from the past. Please don’t let the passing of time forgive the harms of the previous corruptions in government. You will receive less dislikes. Not sure if that button matters anymore anyway 🙄.

  7. Saagar is a racist for pointing out the scandals of our Lord and Savior Barack Obama. Take that hypocrisy with democrats cozying up with billionaires who they say are the enemy and apply it to everything else democrats preach to us about.

  8. Lol, you know how many state of the art libraries $100,000,000 could build in under privileged neighborhoods? Willing to bet there's a run down building or 2 that could be fixed up on the cheap in just about ever inner city.

  9. The Obamas are public and respected public figures! Should they lock themselves up in an empty room facing a wall??? … Not like they making profit the same way the pumpkin head and loser previous president was!

  10. wait, Presidential Library not subject to laws that apply to other libraries? handled by a private foundation? built on public land? gets $100M donation?
    that look a lot like a laundering racket

  11. the Democratic Party hasn’t been the party of the working class since Clinton signed the NAFTA Treaty!!..take a look @ what happened to Flint Michigan after most of their GM auto plants went to Mexico & overseas as a result of this treaty signed & promoted by President Clinton!!..

  12. 28th Amendment

    Only U.S. Citizens of voting age may donate to political campaigns. The limit per year is $5,000 per citizen in total contributions. A citizen may not donate to any campaign outside of their geographic impact.

    • No: foreign countries or citizens, corporations, unions, special interest groups can contribute.
    • This includes all ballot measures.
    • Citizens cannot donate to any politician or measure outside of their residency.

  13. Why are you guys surprised? The Obamas did not create the game, they simply played it like everyone else before them. The system is functioning as intended. Both parties are corrupted to the bone, and have to go.

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