Bezos-Owned Wapo SMEARS Breaking Points Host, Saagar Enjeti, Over Elon Musk Twitter Spat

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave condemn The Washington Post for accusing Elon Musk and Saagar Enjeti of encouraging harassment of Twitter executives.

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  1. Vijaya is a public person so she should be prepared to take heat for opinions that she has professed publicly. She could have managed from the shadows, but she chose to be interviewed by Rogan.

  2. ALL NOTE:
    The Washington Post contacted Saagar’s PRODUCER (Not Saagar!) around 2 AM with those questions! That is highly suspicious since most of the media types in Washington had Saagar’s phone number, but somehow The Post contacted his producer???
    Right, just another WaPo Smear job!

  3. "…its a standard that always disproportionately applied in one direction."
    Uh….she knows hes a republican right? Is she saying republicans are always held to a higher standard?

  4. I don’t agree with you Robbie, Tim Poole posting it in Times Square had way less circulation than her publishing it in the paper/online. Plus that SIZE of hypocrisy should be exposed.

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