BHP will require Mandatory Vaccinations

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BHP has advised staff that vaccinations will be required to access, work on, or visit any BHP operated facility from the 31st of January 2022. It will only be a matter of time before these requirements spread to the entire mining industry.


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  1. This is excellent. I know so many who have died of covid. Well, I don't know them, but the news and gov said it. And I saw the footage of them dying. Well, I didn't see any footage of them dying but the dodgy nurse at the Vic press conference said she saw it

  2. I thought BHP was a professional organisation…..I guess their vacination employment policy will give their competitors the edge they need to strive better than them in 2022 if vacinations are manditory.

  3. Breaking… BHP has the best lawyers in the country. Thay have scrutinised this with a fine tooth comb.
    As such, ANY workplace has the legal right to refuse entry to anyone.
    " A condition of entry " vax status is no different than not having you ID in a licenced venue, regardless if your of age.
    Believe me, they have this one figured out, although I dont agree with it, it is the new 'covid normal'

  4. Nice wording, "as you know"
    "Wise decision"
    Planting seeds.
    Last stats I got I had better than a 1 in 256,000 chance of dieing of coV, if I even catch it in f*** butt nowhere QLD.

  5. Uk data suggests this isn’t going to work terribly well, cases will go through the roof – in the over 40s vaccinated people are more likely to get Covid than unvax. They say this is might be a data artefact but every report it’s getting more pronounced.
    The vax does appear to be protective against death and severe illness.
    What isn’t clear is what happens to vaccinated people when they get Covid – do they get long term broad immunity or do the spike antibodies prevent this?

  6. Goes against the Constitution of Australia to Mandate Vaccines ,but like most bullies, push the limits and Rules to see what they can get away with .
    Will go down in History as the biggest Con perpetrated on the peasants ,of course all the dummies ,doo gooders and half wits who cant think for themselves ,go out and Bravely get the Whack Vacc !!! whooohoo

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