Biden $137M Means COVID Lockdown May Extend Beyond 2024, Democrats Push For Lockdowns And Mandates

Biden $137M COVID Deal Means Pandemic To Extend Past 2024, Quarantine Facility Proves This WONT END. Unless Democrats get voted out and replaced by populist republicans the pandemic will never end.

Democrats have consistently called for more lockdowns and heavily favor vaccine mandates. This next year will be brutal.

Democrats will pull out all the stops for the 2022 Midterms to prevent a republican red wave.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Me and my family live a secluded life,so we decided to wait and watch what happens with experimental jab. We didnt trust our government and healthcare system before the pandemic,let alone now after all the lies and incompetence they showed. They also want us to sign a document that nobody is responsible for complications… Hell no,if you force us we will resist in any way possible. If they trample on our basic rights then we are not obliged to live under any rule of law anymore,and its everyone for himself.

  2. We used the defense production act to increase the world supply of ventilators, why can't we do the same for home testing kits? Immediate solution that wouldn't take years and moves us closer to the end goal quicker.

  3. MONEY AND POWER!!! Omicron has little pathology or lethality… THEIR GAME PLAN??? Convince us that absent more shut downs, masks and bad mandates, MILLIONS WILL DIE! THAT’S A LIE… THEY KNOW IT’S A LIE… when the catastrophe is abided, they’ll take credit, saying it was their TYRANNICAL POLICIES THAT SAVED US ALL!


  4. Love how you think that there are going to be fair elections in 2022 and thats assuming that they are even going to have elections. The establishment can just say nope we are not doing it and who exactally is going to do something about it ???? Everyone everywhere is crying about not gettin violent which I can understand and so do they. They know nothing is going to happen so they can just do whatever they want not like they arnt doing that already. Tim you are not a moron you know full well that they are going to pull the same shit they did in 2020.

  5. You are so well informed, & so tolerant of opposing viewpoints, that I am enormously encouraged that you have so enthusiastically taken up the baton from us older folk, who haven't been duped, for the last 50 years of our lives, since we were in our 20s! Your extrapolations are masterful. I am a proud 72 yr. old father of 30 yr. old twin daughters who are entrepreneurial visual artists, song writers, singers & musicians. They are self-supporting through their own contributions — getting paid for their creative expressions. I wish I had the capital to be able to afford to financially support your endeavors. However, know this: I share your astute videos wherever I can; even knowing that social media is a scam. Orwell & Huxley were eerily prescient. I continue to write on nearly a daily basis; primarily as an essayist; although I prefer poetry or ranting polemics! I applaud your efforts. The future of humanity rests with your caliber of youthful courage. Keep up the good work!!!

  6. 7:00 "This does not alleviate any of the current problems"

    Yea but what the hell do you want. Isn't it better to start learning from the pandemic and getting technology and systems in place for future events? So far the vaccines and lockdowns have been a reaction and the easy solution. Prevention is better than a cure going forward. And I am not talking about covid but new novel viruses in general. We need better technology to detect this and it sounds like that's what they are planning to do.

    We were lucky with covid but we still got caught with our pants down. Literally every precaution and policy created worldwide to counter a pandemic has failed. I want the world to start learning to live with covid and finally move on. But we cant just forget how easy it was for a virus to infect the entire world and do nothing about it in case of future events.

  7. What does the "number of cases" still mean, when tests can't differentiate between covid19 and other coronavirusses and 97% of people who tested positive have little to no symptoms. They're playing us for fools and we let them.

  8. It's not about new cases. It's about new hospitalizations. That data is harder to get. It's easy to gather the data about positive test results and that feeds the fear machine. Are hospitals being overrun? Some are, most aren't because the omicron variant doesn't produce severe illness (follow the science…). If things are as dire as the talking head proclaim, where are the field hospitals? Remember those in the Spring of 2020? In Washington State, two field hospitals were set up and then dismantled without admitting a single patient. Where are the hospital ships? If it's that bad now, where are these temp facilities to treat the sick? Setting new daily records for new COVID infections means little if it means your are home in bed with common flu like symptoms for a couple of days. What would the daily case count look like if we tested everyone for the common cold? The fear machine keeps chugging along.

  9. Well of course the virus is surging in the US, we are testing like mad! It's not spreading here any faster than anywhere else with a similar urban vs rural population. What a steaming pantload.

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