Biden Abandons Pledge To Lower Drug Prices

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  1. Its not written on official documents and they can always deep fake him never saying anything about this commitment. All that was film of him saying it they will say that's the fake or just get all media outlets to fall in line and upload or stream the deep fake they created…. LOL

  2. Plus Biden ended the insulin price relief Trump started because……Trump did it. I get if you don't like a lot of the things Trump did, but why end a program that gave prescription relief to millions of Americans like me. Without private insurance im paying almost $400/month for insulin alone.

  3. Biden is just doing what the voters want. Trump had Most Favored Nations policy that lowered drug prices but everyone hated it so Biden is fixing it so people can pay more. Affordable prescription drugs is racist privilege apparently.

  4. Med4All would be taken advantage of by big pharma unless leverage can be put in first. At minimum allow it to be wiped under bankruptcy.

  5. heyyy, just make your own medicines in your own kitchen. it's easy to do, and inexpensive.
    oh yes; and most of you need to lose about 100 lbs.

  6. You may want to look at what Trump did/tried to do(?) things with prescription drugs. Wasn't there something where the US could buy at the lowest price paid for the same PD in other countries? Not sure what happened there that was 'mentioned'. Also didn't Trump say something about 'you may not see me much' hinting to someone(PD middlemen) when he was speaking at the washer and dryer place? There might be a story there.

  7. Among my favorite authors is the late Gore Vidal. While reading his masterful historical novel, "Burr". I was awed by his creative illuminating mastery to bring to life the historical facts in the prose that of a novelist's form. Paralleling that of expositional writing form of the historian, Howard Zinn. In the early 1970s Vidal asserted that Democrats are more corrupt than Republicans. I questioned and discounted Vidal's assertion due to this was the era of the infamous Watergate scandal. But without a doubt, Jimmy Dore's Podcast today confirmed without doubt and can be written on stone. Democrats are unquestionably far more corrupt than Republicans. Republicans have the verity comparable to choir boys compared to the Democrats. Republicans are straight out. Democrats speak the words sweeter than honey during the campaign. After elected they don't just talk. They spit sulfuric acid in your face.

  8. I know this is old news, but I think its relevant. 2017Filed on Tuesday in Washington, D.C., the lawsuit alleged that top pharma companies Pfizer, Roche, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca paid bribes to secure healthcare contracts in Iraq. Those payments ultimately supported terrorism that hurt or killed U.S. service members, the plaintiffs alleged.