Biden Admin Backs BOOSTER SHOTS As Media Ignores Vaccine Hesitancy

Krystal and Saagar discuss the latest vaccine updates, including the news that the Biden admin plans on making booster shots widespread

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  1. I'll stay with my natural immunity thanks. i dont believe everyone should or shouldnt do anything. thats the musing of an un nuanced simpleton. But I hope the best for everyone regardless of their choice.

  2. Black doctors and nurses have treated active KKK members (in their hoods and robes), but we can’t treat people for illnesses because they didn’t want to get a shot?

  3. I love you two so much. Been a fan back since early 2020 the hill days.
    But… y’all have to wake the eff up at what’s happening here. Complete government overreach. And personal agendas between the elites. Maybe listen to the oppressed black people this time and stop trusting the government.

  4. You're against boosters, even when we aren't sure if we will need them in the future? Seems really responsible. Maybe we should just keep coddling vaccine hesitant people until the hospital system is completely destroyed, wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feelings.

  5. What a bunch of BS. Any black New Yorker can walk 5 minutes in any direction on their lunch hour or after work or on their day off and get vaccinated for free RIGHT NOW. The mental backflips you people perform to excuse irresponsibility based on skin color is astounding. Racism of low expectations, I guess.

  6. It was truly mind blowing to hear Don Lemon (a wealthy, successful black man who ONLY has what he has today because many generations before him endured mountains of hardship/struggle) take and defend the odd position that says we should begin stripping freedoms away from a large population of the US, which is mainly made up of black people if they don't comply with authority. In other words, black people will once again find themselves in a position where they have to choose between submitting to the will of an oppressive, immoral government in order to stay alive or death. I can only imagine what MLK would ay of he were alive to see this..

  7. Government: Get vaccinated.
    Me: Okay, I'll wait for the Novavax vaccine.
    Government: There are too many vaccines already, we paused that one.
    Me: So, it isn't really about choice, it's about control…

  8. The "can't get a day off" talking point is BS. Guessing those young people spend several hours a week on social media. I'm not even a mandatory-V advocate, just complete BS to effectively blame capitalism as the reason people can't find a couple hours over the last few months to get a government paid for jab. That is beneath you Krystal.

  9. We've all been cowed into accepting the idea we will have to wear masks forever and the culture war will make institutions and elected leaders hold onto this power. I don't know if there is a better way to affect change but it seems to me that until a critical mass of people just refuse to wear a mask the mandates aren't going anywhere.

  10. Krystal and Saagar are blaming Black people for not getting vaccinated while taking offense that white conservatives are being blamed. I live in a red state full of White conservatives. When I go into stores, I see 90% of Black shoppers wearing masks while 90% of White customers are not. A paid sick day is not required to wear a damn mask.

  11. Sorry, Krystal, but I agree at not giving these unvaccinated people medical help. I don't remember that last time and obese person infected me with obesity.

  12. Before COVID, vaccine development, testing, and availability took 12 years on average. Why? Because long term side-effects cannot be gauged without multi-year clinical trials. The extent to which the government is pushing COVID vaccines on the public is reckless and careless.

  13. If a booster gets added to the schedule no one will be considered "fully vaccinated" after the 8 months. Saager is also wrong stating "you won't die from delta if you are vaccinated." Data from Israel is proving that statement wrong, and we do have many here that have been fully vaccinated that have also died.

  14. Numbers are going up were i live. Another shot is not going to bother me. Don't have to pay for it. Better to be safe than sorry. It's that simple FOR ME and i live in a red state were ignorance reigns SUPREME on social distancing, wearing masks etc. Won't speak for others and what they have to do.

  15. My wife is immune suppressed and got Pfizer. Word started coming out about people like her not having protection and possibly needing boosters, she had a bad reaction to her two shot vax process to wanted to see if it even did anything. She requested a test called a Spike Quant Total Antibody test and showed that her protection is quite high. This is another example of a one size fits all medical announcement. So now anyone in her position could potentially be scared into going to get another shot they don't need, at least not yet.

  16. The RNA vaccines wear off. They might end up worse than the flu shots.The FDA is not measuring antibody levels. They will approve the vaccine for permanent use as long it has a 50% efficacy rate. We know the injections do not stop transmission. These vaccines should never be mandated. They are not real vaccines.

  17. 10:29 Toughen up sis.
    No vaccination, no medical treatment. Sorry, Im just not open to excuses.

    There are standards, if you can't meet them, your death is best for everyone

  18. Thank you for discussing the last point! It’s outrageous to hear folks say that we should deny unvaccinated folks healthcare. Peoples Tribal mentalities are unlike anything I’ve seen before.

  19. They just gloss over the big news that these vaccines wear out after a few months. “Among the elderly and immuno-compromised”: the only people who were ever in danger from COVID. What the hell is going on is that the vaccines are failing.

  20. Do you have any thoughts of the numerous protests against covid passes around the world. Also with the introduction of these passes, if you aren't staying on a vaccinated schedule does that void your pass

  21. When the creator comes for me, I will find a nice large rock on which to sit on a very cold night to wait for the reunion. This is my long term health care plan. And frankly I am ok with it.