Biden Admin Caught LYING, Secretly Letting Illegal Immigrants In By The THOUSANDS, US Border Is DONE

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  1. Forget ICE. Federal agency? Forget it.

    Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa,… If they all coordinate and contribute to an independent, joint multi-state border militia, the border problem could be solved. I guess Texas would also have to pass legislation permitting them to deny access to any migrant, regardless of their intent to petition the U.S. government.

  2. This is a disgusting act not just by the current administration, but also the illegal immigrants. You dont come to Americas front doors then demand to be let in. You dont just commit a bunch of felonies, and expect every American to respect it. There is Americans who respect their nations laws, and wish for all people to respect it too whether domestic or foreign.

    Had these people applied for visas before illegally crossing, or had they just assumed to just walk in.

    I can give zero shits where you came from, and have no problem sending you back. Respect our laws and follow our legal system to apply for citizenship.

  3. Actually the Haitians coming across our border did not recently leave Hati.
    They left Hati years ago after the earthquake and all the other problems, for South & Central America.
    After Biden opened our Southern border they headed North.

  4. When child slaves grow up you need new children that’s a constant . But when corporations devalue legal employment with unemployment and grants many of those workers need to be replaced. Deportations happen as workers come of age keeping experience gained minimum keeping labor rates under inflation rates while gouging rates at markets as there market shares are exponentially increased from small and nonessential businesses forced closed. Thus creating a void where only the corporations large enough to consume market at any expense or have the political local and state power to constantly employ illegals without any consequences. So the opportunity to operate is unobtainable. paired with fear campaign consoling/rewarding those who fall in line and do anything the fear commands of them. As the corporate elites funnel in refugees horde them in camps staging segregated communities that will be government expense for tax burden and corporate assets to obtain any position at whatever rate of pay they dictate. As good jobs are being dismantling

  5. Tim's point about people being able to get out of the cities is completely emphasized by the thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands all moving towards the US/Mexico border.

  6. It's long been known that dems cannot win without pretty much ALL blacks voting for them… that's why they are always making up stuff to call racist. Trump started taking too much of the minority vote. As these people wake up and realize a good economy helps them far more then democrats ever did… dems open the border and try to import illegals from Marxist countries, hoping to legalize them and buy their votes… with our money.

  7. Michigander here. I spent the last 5 years in the Marine Corps. I voted Trump. He puts money in the Michigan economy and Michiganders voted for Trump, except one city. Detroit. The people who needed help the most, voted out the guy who was helping them.

    Because they need that sweet, sweet blue D next to their politicians.

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