Biden Admin CAUGHT SMUGGLING Migrant Kids To Other States In The Dead Of NIGHT

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join lawyer and co-publisher of Human Events Will Chamberlain to discuss a new video that seems to show Biden officials actively smuggling migrant children to other states from the border.

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Guest: Will Chamberlain
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Written by Timcast IRL


  1. Biden smuggling kids at night. IT DOES NOT GET SIMPLER THAN THAT! BIDEN MUST GO TO JAIL PERIOD. He is not above law. Any common person would do this and mask it for social justice, FBI would still raid them for CHILD SMUGGLING. This is how slavery starts!

  2. He's screwing with census and populations to try to make Democrats more likely to gain votes. He's using federal taxes for his personal gains.

  3. So looks like Nick Fuentes was on the ball the entire time. Insane. No wonder he got banned from everything. Can't allow him to open any other eyes. That or they are gonna steal these kids an they will never been seen again while Joe sniffs them.

  4. In a sense our very government is quietly invading our country and changing the demographics by bringing in people they really no nothing about without going threw the proper channels that other immigrants who have come here legally have gone threw. Its a slap in the face and showing preference to certain immigrants by creating a new class under without consent of the people who govern the area

  5. Biden voters are willing to destroy the nation in the name of equity.
    Bad part. The world is approaching it's functional holding capacity and leftists intend to flood the developed world with people who don't really belong there. Dare I say? "People will die………………"!

  6. If you complain about immigration in America, let me tell you about Japan's immigration policies.
    You have to be worthy if you want to immigrate to other countries. And if you are a criminal. Without due process, get the fuck out of our country criminal. And if you are not fortunate, make sure you have what it takes to sustain yourself within the country, or you might become a hassle in a country's economy.