Biden Admin Discussing Mandating Vaccines For Interstate Travel, More Cities Lockdown Unvaccinated

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  1. This mandate is like that Star Trek TNG episode where they are trying to get everyone to play the game, headset with that projects the game in augmented reality, that causes them to be mind controlled.

  2. Vaccines do reduce the symptoms but do not reduce the viral load of fully vaccinated people.

    Vaccines are not helping to reduce the spread it is making it worse because you will have far more asymptomatic people continuing with their activities.

    That is why even with vaccination they want the masks and potential new lockdowns.

  3. Mandate a "vaccine" that doesn't even reduce your chances of getting COVID? No thank you, authoritarians. So I can't work or travel because I didn't get a shot that weakens symptoms?

  4. America has been dead for decades now.
    Its just now they are openly showing this.
    The time to resist is now.
    If we want to save this life we could have here we meed to strip this current 1 government system of their power.
    The people need to take back the Authority that we once granted to this government for the good of all citizens
    Its now time for a modern better way.
    If they choose to not step down and listen to the will of the people then we take them down.
    This is 100% their choice .
    Walk away or die.

  5. violence is coming, you can't deny it. all you're doing by denying it is going to make it MORE violent later. if we don't begin the violence NOW…'s only going to be worse later ! "nip it in the bud" so to speak.

  6. no one trusts the mortality numbers of covid.
    too many made up numbers and people that died of other causes but get the label covid death.

  7. not going to, IT HAS….America has fallen, because only thing needed for evil to succeed is for good to do nothing. which has happened. we passed the point of no return awhile ago… we get to witness the cookie crumbling.

  8. This will implode in their faces. I know it will suck for a few months, but let it happen. This overstep will cost them MASSIVELY. When food shortages start because the truckers can't deliver outside of their own states, and the country starts to collapse into Thunderdome style anarchy, the Democrats will be stripped of power for generations for their overreach. Let them hang themselves. The people who are actually paying attention will be prepared.

  9. Give you one guess where all the food is grown, processed and sold from? The red states! California for all its claims, is useless without water. Cut the state off in Utah or Nevada. Yes, Nevada leans blue, but also needs water. California is a dead state and this would kill it. But not Texas!

  10. Welcome to New world order, just like in China this will be implemented here in the US, I lived in China for a year and for every city you travel, you have to go though a TSA like security just to go to the next city over. Like airports have TSA now its coming to a city near you, covid pass please just to see your family in the next town.

  11. Personally do not care what “they” do. I am not getting “the shot”. And NO, I am not talking to my doctor as it is my body, my choice, my conscience, my life and my freedom to make my choices.

  12. Please stop praising Kentucky. This place is full of idiots who voted for Mitch McConnell but turn around and do whatever our (D) governor says. And yes we had checkpoints as well but within our state making sure people were (essential) enough to travel.

  13. I say we should open the doors to San Fran encourage EVERY AND ALL vaccinated folks visit them for a special week of “vaccinated folks” only event. Then once they are ALL INSIDE the city limits, SHUT IT DOWN! Nobody in, nobody out! You wanted this lunacy, now it’s all yours! Enjoy!
    Food deliveries? Delivery of any goods? Sorry, not sorry, no “Semi-trucks” welcome, remember?! I hear that if you take over all your local and city parks, you can plant a garden just like in the “CHAZ”! I’m sure a few of your visitors or residents were even there! How lucky to have such sage wisdom amongst you! We all wish you luck!
    My question remains, “Why as a vaccinated person, do YOU, NEED ME, vaccinated as well?!” If your special vaccine keep you safe, then why do you care about me?

    This is about control! Nothing more, nothing less! People are waking up, and realizing, this is nothing more than a long con, power, property, wealth, freedom, GRAB by our authoritarian/Tyrannical government! We are living under the tyranny of these leftist lunatics! They hold our cities, our schools, our communities, US, etc. hostage! So tell me how any of this is legal? “Freedom inducing?” “How are we “BETTER” as a society, when we are actively oppressing “We The People”?” We ARE NOT!

  14. I won't get it cause I already had covid and I am immune and it's not fully approved yet, also they are going have a 3rd and 4th shot and its never going to end, also I have freedoms and it's my choice to out things in body

  15. Eric Clapton took the vaccine, and it had terrible damage. There are reasons.We are being lied to, and there is evidence of damage for people that they do not understand.