Biden Admin EXPOSED Exporting US Strategic Oil In INSANE Move As Gas Prices Remain At RECORD Highs

Biden Admin EXPOSED Exporting US Strategic Oil In INSANE Move As Gas Prices Remain At RECORD Highs. A Former DoE official called the releasing of oil illegal as Biden panics over high prices but seemingly sabotages the US.

Biden’s approval is in the gutter along with the economy. Inflation is at record highs and gas prices are skyrocketing. Meanwhile Democrats keep lying and pushing insane narratives to try to distract the people from their failures.

At this Point Biden and Democrats have already lost the midterms and barring some miracle, they’ve lost the 2024 election as well


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Timmy,
    With US refineries at 95% capacity where can the oil be refined to be available and cushion the market price on this global commodities market? Should US refineries not perform their needed maintenance so we have fuel this winter with fewer disruption. Disappointed. Biden bashing…again?

  2. Henry Cuellar is a moderate Democrat that is pro immigration enforcement. He's also a tested politician and experienced. I don't think she can beat him.

  3. the people who voted for biden deserve every last bit of hate they get. This entire mess is literally their fault for voting this senile old fuckwit into office.

    Arrest the old man and throw away the key, arrest their entire cabinet, ENOUGH of this stupid charade.

  4. Russia invading Ukraine is LITERALLY Bidens fault too. Wouldn't have happened under Trump and if The Obama Biden administration hadn't interfered with the Ukraine politics

  5. this woman who is running as a far right reepublican in texas is proof that the democrats are desperate and will do anything to try and win so they plug these types of people to run as the most absurd part of the Right in order to get people to shy away from republicans, just like that woman said they need sleepers and they need to infiltrate republican party.

  6. This pains me, as a US veteran that served my nation with honor to say this, but I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone go in the US military right now. The treasonous infestation of feminazism was already rearing its ugly head a decade ago when I was in, & it's only gotten so much worse since then, culminating w/ the head general of the US military, Milley, openly committing treason.

  7. Trump should have executed Milley, Pelosi, Newsom, & every single mayor of a secessionist "sanctuary city" for treason. Yes, Tim, I know you're against capital punishment, but now we all have to suffer the consequences of letting traitors live. Rendering final justice to a few evildoers to save millions of innocents is a sacrifice I have absolutely no problem with making. No one likes having to take out the trash, but it's a chore that has to be done, eslewise the consequences are far worse for many more people.

  8. South Texas resident here! For anyone wondering, the rio grande valley has always been traditionally conservative. It typically votes left because the area is full of immigrants who dont pay attention and their children who buy leftist idology. With the media screaming about nonsense and revealing their true agenda (which is in direct conflict with the majority's mexican culture and beliefs) people here are finally realizing what they are about and voting the other way.

  9. There's a cap on how much Biden can give away…I looked it up. The strategic reserves are not allowed to go below 360 million barrel's. What he's doing is a threat to national security…if he breaks the 360 barrel mark, we have to get rid of him immediately.

  10. Bumblin Biden will run in 2024, in a padded room in a Alzheimer's ward…. his candidacy will be all in his imagination, sort of like his presidency is great only in his own feeble mind.

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