Biden Admin Goes AWOL As Afghanistan Crisis Worsens, Milley May RETIRE As 15,000 Americans Trapped

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  1. So when will Biden start sending some bribe money to the Taliban (Obama Iran style)? China is waiting to build some infrastructure over there with US tax payer dollars. Come on Joe…pay up so they won't make you look even worst

  2. Lazy Chimney are you still making sure that DJT is not getting near the WH again?Mind you we are all watching and waiting for your line of action ,on what you really feels now that AMERICANS are languishing in the hands of your friendly friends.

  3. Those americans in occupied areas…the terrorists have been fighting them for 20 years. Retribution will be slow, painful and humiliating and they'll be posting it for all to see…God speed to the Americans behind enemy lines.

    We have the capability of getting our people back. We have attack helicopters, paratroopers, special forces, you name it we can do it. We can even destroy the weapons and infrastructure before they can get the full use out of them. You just don't want to waste money on it. And those 15 thousand+ americans will pay the price for it. What gets me the most is that Biden is our leader and when we need him the most…he's fleeing to Delaware…

  4. We should trade all the MSM, activist and celebrities that campaign for Biden for those 15K Americans. Where the hell are all this rich people now? They could do something with the stupid amount of money they have to get this people out of there. But, since they'll most likely vote republican after this, Biden admin would rather they die.

  5. Watch out for the people who were for the withdrawal but who suddenly start screaming "DO SOMETHING! DO SOMETHING!" Once they see the massacres.
    Those are the people motivated purely by acute, momentary emotion and need to be removed from any place of influence.

  6. Here are 10 things that Billy Meier says is going to happen in Afghanistan " All promises made by the Taliban are smoke and mirrors, in fact they are worth nothing at all, because no sooner are they uttered than they are broken and revoked by the opposite.
    2. They will smash destroy and annihilate everything that is contrary to their religious fanaticism and does not correspond to it.
    3. They will kill, murder and massacre all people, women, men and children, according to Sharia, what is not their fanatical religious faith.
    4. They will kill, murder and massacre, everyone sooner or later if they get a hold of those who served the former occupants, for this purpose, they will search all houses and buildings and find those who served the former occupants, and they will execute them by mass executions.
    5. They will force the females to be humble or kill them, murder them or massacre them if they refuse to submit.
    6. The Taliban will kill all women who refuse to be forcibly married.
    7. The Taliban will kill all women who had premarital sex.
    8. The Taliban will fanatically persecute and murder all who are not of their faith.
    9. The Taliban will establish a God's state, as there was none in former times.
    10. The Taliban will destroy and annihilate the new freedom that has been created, especially for women.

    So lets all say great job Feckless Joe Biden. All the coming deaths will be on your hands.

    Everything we have established has been extinguished. The Un-Tactical withdrawal was either due to incompetence or by design. Leaving Bagram Air Base in the middle of the night could only have come from a High Authority. No wonder the government fled. It was a complete betrayal. Betrayal to the Americans working in Afghanistan. Betrayal to the Afghani people who worked with us for 20 years. Betrayal to the American Servicemen who laid down their lives and limbs for something they hoped would come to fruition.
    This is the biggest travesty.
    We should have had a TACTICAL RETREAT! Maintain military superiority, evacuate the populace who wished to leave. Upon completion of that…support the local government to stabilize their position…then gradually withdraw our military.
    …so I'm just a poor schmo and even I can see the holes in this whole fiasco! This wasn't incompetence!! It was designed for chaos! No one could be this incompetent! Sleepy Joe has years of experience in international affairs!!

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