Biden Admin Grooming TikTokers

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  1. And then the exact regimes like Putin's actually use those TikToks from Biden's administration as proof of the Western degeneracy in their propaganda pieces, saying that everyone in the Western countries is like that. So it's not only dumb and useless but damaging for the reputation of the Western countries.

  2. The only saving grace is that 99% of the time government paid propagandists are blunt and cringe and easily ignorable due to those two things. The real concern over propaganda at this point is the more subtle stuff by media creators and publishers who control discourse through assumptions on reality then rejecting views that don't hold those assumptions.

  3. Leo says he'd be a Democrat-voter if he lived in America. Yet he often admits Democrats have insane policies. Proof that Democrat-voters do not vote for policy and vote for a team, depending purely on the fake branding.

  4. They're banking on the fact that most Americans don't actually know what inflation is. Inflation isn't the price of items going up, it's the increase in the supply of money.

  5. Leo is a fucking comedian who has zero background in economics, yet his takes are 1,000x better than the Dem takes, and even he can at least give us the basics in why the Dem econ policy is so mind-numbingly dumb.

  6. Trump gave out a lot of money… but it was during the best economy in history. It was a smart investment to keep all of the small businesses going. Buuuuuut then the state governors said “fuck no, permanent lockdown!” And they kicked Trump out.

  7. Please tell me that White House video with that weird white fingernailed mong isn't real. Please, I mean please tell me it genuinely isn't real.

  8. I have to correct you gentlemen on something;

    This isn't unique to "weird, backwards parts of the world". This originated in the West, in France specifically. Napoleon did this with Parisian schools and newspapers. This is something that the US has done for decades. This is the stated goal of public schooling as an institution. This is something they learned from *us*.

  9. There’s no point in going through the propaganda state media, they already advertise their ideas there. They are trying to influence people on TikTok because the average voter is not particularly smart and they just do what the rest of the crowd tells them to do.

  10. These people in the White House are reminding me more and more of the Capitol from The Hunger Games.

    "I asked the White House down the street" lmao, these people are "just like you and me!"

  11. They do it because it works. They go after kids because they're easier to groom into doing what they want. You might think it's disgusting but this is how they intend to win in the long term.

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