Biden Admin Held SECRET Meetings With Press To Manipulate Coverage As Democrats PANIC Over Midterms

Biden Admin Held SECRET Meetings With Press To Manipulate Coverage As Democrats PANIC Over Midterms. Democrats are facing wave of retirements as panic sets in over the 2022 midterm.

Biden officials desperate to salvage his image have been holding secret meetings with major news outlets to garner positive press coverage, and its working.

Media colluding with democrats is not new, its literally the modern playbook. But republicans are poised to sweep the midterms regardless and it has Democrats panicking.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Trump could smile at someone and it'd be three days of scathing pieces from the media.
    Biden crashes the economy, causes rampant inflation, high unemployment etc and the news media gives puff pieces on it.

  2. So a random british spy can just claim Trump colludes with Russia and gets an investigation that lasts years.

    What will happen here then? I doubt anything will happen.

  3. 1: Trump was treated FAR worse even before he was elected, they were smearing his whole family too the entire time
    2: The media has been in the democrats pockets for decades, we know it, they know it, my dog knows it, even the dorks in the far left knows it. 😂

  4. 14:45 not a doctor here, but I have a pretty good idea why Florida is doing well with covid compared to the rest of the country. Remember the Bakersfield doctors that got banned from YouTube? They should’ve been in charge of handling Covid, not that rat weasel fraud that funded the wuhan lab.

  5. Tim, I say it every time you start with your nonsense Biden won the election, you really do sound like a complete fool when you say it. The amount of election fraud was utterly unprecedented. How can you be that dense?

  6. How is this new to anyone? Hasn’t media been doing this for decades? Ever wonder why the left leaning networks all use the same language discussing stories? Perhaps DNC has been doing this for years. This should not surprise anyone. Thanks Tim

  7. I am no Trump lover, but Biden should be treated worse than Trump for his behavior, but he is not. The MSM keep making excuses for Biden as a rule. Trump was treated worse given the fact that lies were manufactured against Trump many times.

  8. The American Patriot Capitalist was called "Literal Hitler" for 24/7 for 4 years straight, and the media somehow treats the demented, senile, and extremely corrupt President in the White House in current year worse?

  9. its funny today i went to rallys a burger joint they have an all American cheese burger for 1.00 it is not 1.49 it went up by almost half nothing to see here

  10. Biden won the election because it was rigged by the Democrat governors in the swing states. It was rigged so the ballot boxes could be stuffed. Exactly why they are trying to keep the pandemic alive and well.

  11. The difference between Biden getting trashed by the press and Trump being trashed by the press is that Biden deserves it. It's gotten to the point where to pretend that Biden is competent is akin to showing their own incompetence and as they've nearly alienated the few people who still depend on them for the "news", they have been backed into a corner and have no other choice.

  12. I think if they had thing on trump about the epstine situation we’d know already they wouldn’t hold it back we saw all the fake things they brought they’d love something this bad about him.

  13. The simple reason why Biden may be getting more negative press than Trump is that Biden is doing a far far worse job than Trump. I hope the press keeps on writing puff pieces and propping Biden up. They need to keep on saying that everything is fine as the country crumbles around them. Maybe then some people will wake up and realize that the Legacy Media is the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party.

    Also, I think the Covid death numbers a bunk and have been for a while. They are tallying people who died with Covid rather than people who died of Covid. They did that to hurt Trump and get Federal money. Now it is biting them in the ass. Good.

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