Biden Admin Issues WARNING Over Rising Gas Prices But Democrat Policy Is What Caused The Inflation

Biden Admin Issues WARNING Over Rising Gas Prices But Democrat Policy Is What Caused The Inflation. Meanwhile the media has been trying to defend Joe Biden and his policies arguing they did not contribute to rising gas prices.

This is wrong of course. The Republicans have pointed out that inflation is driving a rise in gas prices which some are still trying to dismiss. But the reality is multi faceted.

Joe Biden’s banning of the keystone pipeline and fracking on public land sent signals to speculators that supply will not likely improve and demand will. This leads to speculation driving prices up, a direct result of Biden’s policies.

More importantly though the eviction moratorium and unemployment bonus are contributing to a massive labor shortage resulting in no truckers being available to deliver gas causing prices to go up.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Sorry the idea to blame unemployment benefits as the REASON is so false. Try to explain to me and the world how a person who collects a full year of max benefits want to keep that status quo. Simple math laid out here….
    $300 covid19 "bonus" +
    $450 MAX base unemployment benefit =
    $750 per week.
    Now… $750 × 52 weeks= $39000 for a YEAR.
    Mind you in order to get the base $450 you would have had to be paid over $12000 in 3 months. That equates to a $48k a year job! So STFU about the fucking $300 weekly bonus!

  2. And WHY would OPEC increase their supply when they can keep their supply the same as NOW and make more money per GALLON?
    Tell PS5 to triple their production so they will be sold CHEAPER and see what they have to say.

  3. So if there is a trucker shortage, that means there are less trucks on the road right? Trucks that have say 100 gallon tanks. If 100 truckers aren’t working anymore and there is no one to take their place, shouldn’t that mean that there is 10,000 extra gallons of gas just from those 100 truckers? So how can there be a shortage if there is extra gas? I get it that some of those truckers are likely ones who deliver gas so that is how there is a “shortage” but there is no way there is a lack of gas. If I am wrong on anything please let me know because I want to know if my thought process is wrong

  4. I work in manufacturing I don’t make mega money I make a Honest day pay. My honest day pay is going into my gas tank. I’m sorry but if Trump was in office I’d blame his policies but guess what when he was in office my paycheck wasn’t going into my freaking tank.!!

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  6. Never mind oil spills from transporting oil by rail instead of pipeline. Up here in Canada we lost a TOWN due to a trainload of oil derailing (due to a stupid error by an inexperienced and poorly trained crew).

    In 2013, Lac-Mégantic had 47 people killed, and 30 of 69 buildings in their downtown destroyed outright, and another 36 had to be demolished due to ground pollution from the residual oil.

  7. Raising gas prices is the direct cause of biden and is also the cause of price hike to everything else if it cost more to transport materials, harvest material, then transport products to the store the gas prices directly effect products we buy multiple times before we even see it.

  8. Also if you pay $3 for a gallon of gas, the gas didn't cost $3… the gas was around $1.80 – %2 … the rest or that price you pay at the pump are taxes. Every level of government – local, state AND federal hsve piled tax after tax after tax on top of that final price at the pump.

    Diesel is the worst offender. Its cheaper to refine than gas. Yet road diesel is much more expensive at the pump because all the layers of government use it as additional revenue streams at the expense of the trucking industry. Which makes shipping goods more expensive. Which means grocery & department stores raise the prices on what we buy to offset the shipping cost.

    Which is just compounding on top of the inflation costs and the supply chain stress costs

  9. Tim Pools comment section is an interesting cesspool of antisemites, religious nut jobs and other conspiracy theorists watching too many movies and thinking the Matrix was a documentary and bashing socialism while praising Orwell…. So funny to observe.

  10. I'm a trucker.
    The fact is the shortage is created by not paying the drivers enough.
    No body wants to work for peanuts.
    The trucking wages have been stagnant for decades.

  11. When you have a plentiful non perishable commodity on an open market , the price of it is cheap.
    Take that same commodity, put a tap on it , and slowly let it out … you've created a demand and can control the price ..especially if you're the government
    This is business 101